• Hola!!!  Welcome to the new school year! This year my students will learn basic spanish to get through tasks. This class will be fun but it will require studying and vocabulary memorization. There are many reasons why a student should learn a second language. In fact, people who speak a second language have a better understanding of the world.
    Studies show that students who have learned or are in the process of acquiring a second language
    do better in exams. A second language opens doors to other cultures helping students understand other communities and expand their world view. Bienvenidos and Enjoy!
    Conference periods: R1 Red day) and P3 (purple day)

    Please e-mail me at ncano1@houstonisd.org to set a parent conference.
    Tuesday from 7:05 to 7:45 am.
    I will give your student a pass so you are informed about the date and time (room 310). Your student can show this pass to enter to the building.