Kirk Satterwhite
    6L Science - Lanier Middle School Room 148
    Conference Time Red Days 10:40-11:25
     Tutorials are Tuesdays 3:35-4:10

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    Welcome to your 6L science class.  Through our lab experiments, class work and your homework you will be investigating and discovering many of the wonders of our universe.  My main goal is to encourage and help you all to become young people who inquire about the world around them, and who can think through a problem.  That means you ask yourselves questions like “Why’s it so hot in Texas?”, “How does that lizard change colors?” and “What makes that rainbow in the sky?”  I am thrilled to have you in my class and I’m looking forward to getting to know you as the year progresses.  We have a lot of fascinating material to explore and we’re going to have a lot of fun along the way.

    A tentative overview of the year: 

    Introduction to Science - Safety & Experimental Design

    Chemistry: Matter & Energy

    Force and Motion & Simple Machines

    Earth Systems – Geology, the Earth’s Atmosphere & Plate Tectonics

    Astronomy - Components of the Solar System

    Structures and Functions of Living Things & Ecosystems


    1. Be in your seat at all times unless otherwise instructed.

    2. Be prepared and ready to work when the bell rings.

    3. Be respectful and courteous.

    4. Be responsible and safe.

    5. Be green!                 


    Behavior:  Students are to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner at all times.  I respect you and I expect you to do the same to me, your fellow classmates, and this school.  The Code of Conduct states: I am Responsible, I am Respectful, I am Safe, I am Prepared.  Some of the procedures that fall under the Code of Conduct would be: arriving to class on time, having all materials, participating in class, and listening when the teacher is speaking to the class.  In addition to that, I spend a great deal of time working on my classroom in order to make it a stimulating environment in which to learn.  To that end, I expect you to treat my room with respect.  That means NO writing on the tables, NO eating, NO drinking and NO chewing gum.   This room is a science lab as well as a classroom and it would not be safe to eat here unless I have prepared it to that end.  If you are caught chewing gum you will be assigned a lunch detention.  During that time you will eat your lunch in my room and then, while wearing safety goggles and gloves, you will scrape gum off of the bottoms of the lab tables.  Trust me, you don’t want to have to do this, so do NOT chew gum in my classroom.


    Absences & Make up Work: It is your responsibility to copy down the agenda from a fellow student for the days you missed.  You may come in during study lab or stay after school. The number of days afforded to students for make-up work will be equal to the number of days absent. After your maximum allotment of days, late penalty will begin. You can always check my page on the HUB for most classwork and all homework. 


    Late Work: Late work is accepted at a penalty and only for five calendar (not class) days.  Please see page 18 of the Lanier student planner.


    Grading:  Work will be accepted if written in pencil, blue or black ink only.  Expect a test or a major project at least once every 9 weeks.  Quizzes will be given approximately once every 2-3 weeks.  Daily grades and labs will be taken frequently.  Homework will be assigned most class periods.  Homework is expected to be completed on time.  Most of your homework assignments in my class will not take you very long to finish.  If I do give you a more extensive assignment I will give you extra time to complete it.  Grades can be checked online through the HISD website at the ‘Parent Student Connect’ tab.  The Lanier Grading Policy consists of a total points system. The categories are homework, classwork, quizzes, and projects/tests. You may see IB Grades and Objective testing (district testing) in the online gradebook. For a more detailed description, please see page 17 of the student planner.