• Uniform and Apparel Policy

    All students attending Lanier Middle School are required to wear the Lanier School Uniform as defined in the following policy. All articles of the uniform are to be maintained and worn in a way that presents the individual student and the school in a positive fashion. All articles of the uniform are to fit properly without cuts, nips, or tears at hems or seams.For uniform store hours, click here: Uniform Store 


    Uniform Shirts will be a poly-cotton polo type and are available in four colors (red, black white and purple). Shirts and sweatshirts are available for purchase only at Lanier Middle School. The uniform store is located on the first floor across from the dance room. The uniform store hours are as follows: Mondays 7:30-7:45 for students and 7:30-8:30 for parents, Thursdays 11:30-1:00 and Fridays 1:00-2:00. Students who want to purchase a shirt or sweatshirt before school on Monday mornings will need a note from their parents to enter the building early. On Thursdays and Fridays, students may leave lunch to purchase uniform items with permission from staff.




    ·         A uniform shirt must be worn each day even if you are wearing a sweatshirt.

    ·         Green and burgundy shirts may be worn by 8th grade student leaders only.

    ·         Sweatshirts can be LMS or Lanier Gear.

    ·         Shirts and sweatshirts may be worn inside or outside of pants, skirts, or shorts.

    ·         Shirttails may hang no lower than mid-thigh or be tucked in.

    ·         Club/organization shirts may be worn only on Friday.



    ·         You are permitted to wear a WHITE or BLACK undershirt ONLY. No camisoles permitted.

    ·         The WHITE or BLACK undershirt must be plain.

    ·         The shirt may be long or short sleeved with no graphics or lettering.

    ·         Your P.E. t-shirt may be worn under your uniform shirt.

    ·         Your white or black undershirt or PE t-shirt MUST be tucked in.



    Uniform apparel that meets Lanier’s guidelines is available at many department stores including JC Penny, Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Fiesta, and Target. Any items you purchase must meet the following specifications:



    ·         Pants must be khaki. No wide hems on the pant legs are permitted. The pants shall be cuffed or straight-hemmed. Pants cannot have holes. The bottom of the pant-leg cannot be frayed or split and cannot drag on the floor.

    ·         Pants must fit appropriately—pants which are too baggy or too tight are not permitted. Pants cannot sag; inseam cannot hang low; pants must fit at waistline.

    ·         Capri uniform pants (hem at mid-calf) are permitted.

    ·         Cargo pants (pants with pockets on the side) are not permitted. However, uniform Dickie’s pants with slim side pockets are permitted, but the side pockets must be sewn shut.

    ·         Corduroy pants, stretch pants, and khaki jean pants are not permitted.



    ·         Shorts must be uniform khaki.

    ·         Shorts shall be no more than 3 inches above the top of the knee.

    ·         Shorts must fit appropriately—shorts which are too baggy or too tight are not permitted. Shorts cannot sag; inseam cannot hang low; shorts must fit at waistline. Shorts cannot be frayed.

    ·         Cargo shorts (shorts with pockets on the side) are not permitted. However, uniform Dickie’s shorts with slim side pockets are permitted, but the side pockets must be sewn shut.

    ·         Corduroy shorts, stretch shorts, and khaki jean shorts are not permitted.

    ·         Skorts (combination shorts &skirt) are permitted if skirt is pleated.



    ·         Skirts must be uniform khaki skirts.

    ·         Skirts must be completely pleated from the top to the bottom of the skirt.

    ·         Skorts (skirt in front, shorts in back) are not permitted.

    ·         Skirts must be no shorter than 3 inches above the top of the knee.

    ·         Skirts must fit appropriately at the waist and may not be tight-fitting.

    ·         Built in shorts with pleated skirts are acceptable.


    RECOMMENDATION: When you buy articles of clothing, make allowance for the fact that you are going to grow during the school year. In other words, purchase garments that have ample material in the hem to allow for alterations through the year. By doing so, you will stay in compliance with the dress code and save money.



    ·         Hats, do rags, scarves, hairnets, bandanas and any other headgear that is deemed to be a distraction to the learning environment are NOT permitted to be worn in the building.

    ·         Headbands may be worn in the building if their purpose is to hold the hair in place and they do not distract from instruction.



    Coats, jackets, non-LMS/non-Lanier Gear hoodies and sweaters may be worn into the building on cold days but must be placed in your locker upon arrival. A Lanier sweatshirt or hoodie is available for purchase and satisfies the requirements of the dress code. The hood of the hoodie must be down when worn in the building.



    Tights and leggings must be a solid color without holes (No lace). Socks, if worn, must be worn below the knee and can be any color.



    ·         Shoes must allow for SAFE movement throughout the building, including the stairs.

    ·         Shoelaces must be tied.

    ·         High-heeled shoes, flip-flops, crocs, house shoes/slippers, platform shoes, backless shoes (including clogs or mules), sandals (including Gladiators) are not allowed.


    FREE DRESS GUIDELINES Adhere to the dress code standards. In addition:

    ·         Shirts must have sleeves, approach the neckline, and cover the midriff

    ·         No pajamas

    ·         Pants may not have holes



    Your appearance must not be such a distraction that it interferes with the educational process.

    ·         Excessive make-up, body piercing other than appropriate earring(s), and hair color other than a natural shade, are not permitted.

    ·         Excessive bracelets and bracelets with metal spikes are not permitted.

    ·         Tattoos must not be visible.

    ·         Heavy chains and dog collars are not permitted.

    ·         Any jewelry deemed gang-related by HISD will be confiscated.

    ·         Hoop earrings can be no larger in diameter than a quarter

    ·         Any engraving on jewelry must be appropriate. Any jewelry containing vulgar language or pictures will be confiscated and parents/guardians will have to pick it up from the main office.


     ADMINISTRATIVE DISCRETION- The administrators will determine if any issue related to student dress, including any not listed above, is a violation of the student dress code. We encourage you to make wise choices!



    Students must wear the official P.E. uniform, available through P.E. teachers. P.E. uniform shirts may be worn as undershirts; however, the P.E. uniform is to be worn only in P.E. class. During cold weather, students may wear sweatpants and any school approved sweatshirt or hoodie with permission from the P.E. teacher. Jackets and coats are not permitted.