9-11 Oral History

Posted by Randy Takaoka on 8/26/2013 12:05:00 AM

        September 11, 2001 is a day for all Americans to understand, learn, and to remember this event.   It affected people from all over the world, even someone you know.  The main focus of this discussion forum is for us to get a better understanding of this event.  The main focus of this forum is for us to learn what, why, and how to prevent something like this from happening again. The main focus of this forum is for us to remember those lives who were lost because of this tragic event. History is about "his story" or "her story", this forum will tell their story.
  • Research about 9-11
  • Develop a series of interview questions about this event. at least 10 questions 
  • Choose a person that was alive during this event and interview this person. Write a transcript of this interview
  • Post a reflective summary of your interview on the discussion forum blog (schoology) with key quotes from your interview-Option:  podcast format
  • Write your name and period at the end of your posting for grade credit
  • This will count as a performance grade (20%) Two grades:  1 for interview questions- 2 for blog or podcasts entry
  • Comments will be moderated for approval
  • Start Date:  9-11      Due Date:  9-23-2013

Option:  record an audio podcast and share this file so I can upload it to this website. An audio clip of your interview and and your reflection summary of this event . No more than 3 minutes. Link to Podcast page

Rubric:  50 point total
Depth=details and connections to history
41-50Met requirements with depth and strong understanding in  writing
31-40 Met requirements,   some depth and understanding present in writing  
21-30Met requirements, lacks depth and understanding
10-20Did not meet requirements
Resource links:  9-11 Smithsonian    9-11 New York
 Updated:   The discussion board will be on my Schoology account:  We will join my Texas History course this week: You can post your summary or upload your podcast under your account and course.  
Short bio and interview questions due:  Thursday-Friday
Final discussion blog or podcast on schoology due: Monday: Sept. 23 


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