• 6th Grade(semester course): Chinese Made Easy for Kids Book 1
    Numbers, Greeting, Family, Color
    7th Grade (full year course): Chinese Made Easy Book 1
    unit 1: Greeting
    unit 2: Family
    unit 3: Country/Language
    unit 4: Jobs
    unit 5: Transportation 
    8th Grade (high school credit course): Chinese Made Easy Book 2
    unit 1: Color/Outfit
    unit 2: Weather/Vacations
    unit 3: Hobbies
    unit 4: School Schedule
    unit 5: Campus
    Grading Policy: Student planner p.17-18
    Homework (5-20 points)
    Classwork (5-100 points)
    Quizzes (25-100 points)
    Project/Test/Unit Test (50-200 points)
    IB Grade (scale of 0-8 and weighted at 0)
    Retake Policy: planner p.18 RETESTING. only for major tests with a grade below 70%.
    - High School Credit Course (8th Chinese): can retake a major test for up to a 70
    - Non-High School Credit Course: can retake  a test for up to a 80