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    Van G. Garrett, MAIS

    Grade Taught: 8th
    Subject: Literacy
    Conference Periods: P2; R3
    Tutorials: Tuesday, (3:35-4:15) 
    Phone: 713-942-1900
      Students will be working on a variety of writing and reading projects over the course of the year. The writing curriculum will consist mainly of specific writing strategies for each unit of study along with ongoing grammar, vocabulary, and spelling instruction. Students will be publishing pieces of writing throughout the year. The reading curriculum will focus on specific strategies to improve reading skills. Since students are expected to read a book every week, they should be reading during study lab and at home every day. A daily agenda is posted on the whiteboard, and students are expected to write this information in their planners. If a student is absent, the student is expected to get the work and complete it according to Lanier’s absence policy.