• Sra. Cano’s 6th Grade Spanish

    Course Information and Requirements


    Why do we learn a second language?

    There are many reasons why a student should learn a second language. It is a fact, that people who speak a second language have a better understanding of the world and their neighbors. Studies show that students who have learned or are in the process of acquiring a second language do better in exams. A second language opens up doors to other cultures helping students understand other communities and expand their world view.

    Lanier Middle School is part of the International Baccalaureate-Middle Year Program (IBMYP). The aim of this program is to allow students to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to participate effectively in life in the twenty-first century. The program aims to develop international awareness. This allows students to consider different perspectives to develop an understanding of what is common as well as what is different. MYP also focus on Holistic Education. This means that the school develops the areas of interaction, within and across the academic disciplines, so the students acquire an understanding of each. MYP places particular emphasis on Communication. Students are required to develop al least two languages within MYP, normally their best language and a learned language.

    The Textbook that we will use is Realidades and its workbook. Each unit focuses on new vocabulary, grammar, structure, and culture perspectives. Each unit is divided into two chapters;6th.grade covers two units. The workbook contains two sections. The first section has exercises that go hand in hand with the textbook. The second section is called “ Writing, Audio & Video Activities”. Here the students will have the opportunity to practice his/her listening and writing skills. Students will complete different projects through the school year as well.




    1.- Please respect others property.

    2.- Bring all materials needed to class each day.

    3.- Follow your school rules in this classroom.

        ( no gum chewing, no electronics, and no food.)

    4.- Don’t shoot paper balls into the trashcan.

    5.- Sit well (don’t be turning around in your seat, don’t sit on the desk)

    6.- Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.

    7.- Please pick up your trash before you leave the classroom.

    8.- Wait for teacher dismissal to leave class

    9.- Begin to copy objectives, homework, assignments and start on warm-up before tardy bell rings.
    10. Please don’t take anything from my desk without permission.



    Each student is required to have a 3 subject notebook for class work, pencils, red pen, scissors, marker, glue stick and an eraser.

    a.    You are going to use your notebook as a portfolio and to keep your work organized.

    First section: Notebook rubric, warm-up grades list, daily warm-up, homework.
    Second section: Vocabulary, clip-art, song lyrics.
    Third section: Textbook activities, workbook activities, grammar, general notes, scantrons, quizzes, other worksheets.

    This notebook will be collected every 9 weeks and graded.

    Important: Notebook must be kept neat and the notes must be legible with specific dates and titles.

    b.    Student is responsible for bringing planner and supplies daily to class.



    a.    Missing assignments: In case of an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to schedule a makeup time to bring his/her assignment completed.

    Incomplete in-class assignments will be reflected in their daily grade and will require parent’s signature.

    The completion of the Request for Acceptance of late work form is required when missing homework.

    b.    Homework will be assigned daily. It will be due the next day unless otherwise specified.

    c.    Projects. Each project will have its own rubrics.

    d.    Vocabulary/Verb quizzes and listening practices: This is a very  important part of your grade so not only is expected a good review of the new words in the chapter before coming to class, but a good attitude is expected in the class and once again, COME PREPARED!

    e.    Chapter Test: You will have a chapter test at the end of each section (2 per 9 weeks)

    f.     Workbook: Writing and Audio Activities are going to be graded as well as the daily completion of your assignment.

    g.    Extra points will be awarded for participation, as prizes during in-class activities and for going the extra mile on work.

    h.    Student of the Month: She/he will receive 5 extra points for being a good student and for showing excellent behavior.



          Chapter Test: 50-200 points

     Quizzes: 25-100 points

     Homework: 5-20 points

     Projects: 50-200 points

    Class work: 5-100 points


    Homework will be assigned daily and MUST be recorded in your planner. For extra information please visit www.purplepups.org

    If you copy someone’s homework, you both will get zeros.

    As you know homework is very important for your grade and it counts as a very big percentage of your final grade.

    If you had an emergency and you don’t bring your homework on time, there are some Late Homework Forms available for you just ask for it and remember your parents must sign it.
    Contact information: e-mail: ncano1@houstonisd.org
    Tutorials: Tuesday from 7:05-7:45am please request a pass to enter the building in the morning.