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    Course:                Spanish 1 (7th grade)

    Teacher:              Mr. Christopher Piñera

    Textbook:           Red-Realidades 1A


    Materials:                                            Two #2 Pencils

                                                                    Two (black or blue) pens

                                                                    One red pen

                                                                    One 5 subject spiral notebook (Ex: Five Star/Mead)

    Also bring:


    At home you need:                          Spanish/English Dictionary  Ex.: Larousse, Merriam-Webster)

                                                                    501 Spanish Verbs (ex: Larousse or Barron’s)




    Lanier Middle School is part of the International Baccalaureate - Middle Year Program (IBMYP). The aim of this program is to allow students to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to participate effectively in life in the twenty-first century. The program aims to develop International Awareness. MYP also focus on Holistic Education. This means that the school develops the areas of interaction, within and across the academic disciplines, so that students acquire an understanding of each. MYP places particular emphasis on Communication. Students are required to develop at least two languages with in MYP, normally their first language and a learned language.

    The objective of this course is to expose the student to the Spanish language. Students will develop their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in Spanish though intensive activities. Students will also be exposed to cultures of Spanish Speaking countries.


    Lanier Middle School has adopted a grading policy that consists of a total points system. The total points system gives students a true reflection of their academic success. Progress reports and the Parent/Student Connect Portal will give the breakdown of grades in points and an overall average as a percent. The following categories and point values will be used in all classes at Lanier Middle School.


    Homework (5-20 points): Independent practice that is assigned to be completed outside of the classroom.

    Classwork (5-100 points): An activity or task that allows the teachers and students to identify the level mastery of an objective.

    Quizzes (25-100): Assessments that cover part of a unit and provide information to teachers so they are able to adjust instruction and implement remediation or enrichment.

    Projects/Test (50-200): Assessments that cover a whole unit and determine a student’s mastery if all objectives in the unit.

    IB Grade (Scale of 0-8 and weighted at 0): As an IBMYP campus, teachers are required to report out student’s achievement level for each subject’s achievement level using the MYP achievement rubric scale of 0-8.

    Objective Testing (0-100 points and weighted at 0): Assessments based on the district’s scope and sequence. These assessments are used as benchmarks to determine which objectives have been mastered and which objectives need more support.







    Teachers will provide students the opportunity for reassessment of major tests when the grace received is below 70%

    The assessment will cover the same objectives, but will not be the original test given.

    Teacher will offer 2 dates for student to complete the retest.

    All retest must be completed within one week from the time the assessment is returned to the student.

    Students enrolled in a high school credit course can retake the test for up to a 70.



    Late work is any classwork or homework that is not completed by the time class starts on the due date.

    Late work will be accepted for 5 calendar days after the classwork or homework is due.

    Calendar Day 1 late: 20% is deducted from the grade.

    Calendar Day 2 late: 30% is deducted from the grade.

    Calendar Day 3 late: 50% is deducted from the grade.


    For more information about Lanier’s grading policy including MYP Assessment Policy please refer to pages 17-19 in the student planner.­­



    There will always be homework assignments. Students must copy their assignment in their planners. Parents have to review their children’s planner daily. If a student is absent, please look online or send me an e-mail and I will send you the information about homework/test/quizzes. If a student misses a test/quiz, it is the student’s responsibility to schedule a mutually convenient time to make up the missed quiz or test with the teacher.



    ·        You have to be an active learner, which involves memorization of new vocabulary and grammar concepts.

    ·        If you do not understand something ask questions.

    ·        Plan ahead and do not procrastinate. Always do your homework, and be prepared

    ·        Above all, have fun learning new things.


    Thank you for your support,


    Mr. Christopher Piñera
     Student contract for Mr. Piñera’s Spanish Class:

    ¨       I will always bring my textbook, spiral notebook, pens and completed assignments to class.

    ¨       If I need help I will come to tutorials Thursdays after school from 3:30 – 4:15pm

    ¨       There will be many opportunities to receive bonus points for going the extra mile.

    ¨       Assignments should all be in my spiral notebook or points will be taken off.


    ______________________                     ______________________     __________

    Parent Signature                                                    Student Signature                  Date


    Dear parents,

    The Foreign Language Department at Lanier would like to keep our professional learning community more manageable; therefore we would like to have the following information for our records. This information will be confidential and used only for academic purposes only. After filling it out please give it back to your child. PLEASE PRINT. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Student’s Name


    Class Period


    Parent’s Name


    Parent’s E-mail


    Parent’s Phone Number

    Home -------------------à


    Work- ----------------à


    Cell Phone- ----------------à




    The student should follow the expectations outline by the HISD student code of conduct. Students are to:

    1. Follow HISD student code of conduct

    2. Follow directions

    3. Be respectful

    4. Come prepared for class

    5. Participate positively


    • Follow the school dress code. Do not eat, drink or chew gum. You may not have phones, IPods or electronic devices. They will be confiscated and turned in to grade level administrator.
    • Enter room quietly, raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged. You are responsible for your own work, academic dishonesty will bring an academic penalty, and cluster teachers, parents as well as grade level administrator will be notified. WORK ON SPANISH WORK DURING SPANISH CLASS. Other work will be taken up and given to teacher.