*ALL debate students need a composition book or notebook (wide or college ruled)
    *Pens or pencils are fine for debate.
    *6th Graders - All 6th graders in the debate rotation need to acquire a copy of George Orwell's Animal Farm.  The book should be purchased by Sept. 9.  for the fall rotation.
    *The following is a list of supplies that we are in constant need of:

    -          Snacks for debate club (anything individually pre-packaged)

    -          Printer paper

    -          Printer ink – HP61 (black or color)

    -          Bottled water

    -          News magazines – Time, Economist, etc

    -          Kleenexes/paper towels

    -          Hand sanitizer

    -          Markers & colored pencils

    -          Sticky-notes (any color)

    -          Scotch tape

    -          Expo Dry-Erase markers (any color)

    -          Subscription to the following magazines:

    o   TIME

    o   The Economist

    o   Newsweek

    o   National Geographic

    o   U.S. News and World Report

    o   New York Times (paper or digital subscription)