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    Thank you for expressing interest in advanced placement coursework. As an early college, our focus is on maximizing dual credit offerings, but we also offer Advanced Placement courses. 


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    AP Courses - HCC Crosswalk 

    Calculus AB       Equivalent Course MATH 2413  Calculus I  /Sem. Hr. 4

    Chemistry       Equivalent Course CHEM 1411-2  General Chemistry I-II  /Sem. Hr. 8

    Computer Science Principles Equivalent Course COSC 1436  Programming Fundamentals I Sem. Hr. 4

    Computer Science A Equivalent Course 

    (Score: 3) COSC 1436 Programming Fundamentals I   /Sem. Hr. 4

    (Score: 4 or 5) COSC 1436-7 Programming Fundamentals I & II   /Sem. Hr. 8

    English Language & Composition     Equivalent Course ENGL 1301  Composition I  /Sem. Hr. 3

    English Literature & Composition     Equivalent Course ENGL 1302  Composition II  /Sem. Hr. 3

    Government & Politics/US     Equivalent Course GOVT 2305 Federal Government  /Sem. Hr. 3

    Geography: Human      Equivalent Course GEOG 1303 World Geography  /Sem. Hr. 3

    Spanish Language      Equivalent Course SPAN 1411-2  Beginning Spanish I-II  /Sem. Hr. 8

    Statistics       Equivalent Course MATH 1342  Statistics  /Sem. Hr. 3

    U.S. History       Equivalent Course HIST 1301-2  U.S. History I-II  /Sem. Hr. 6

    World History      Equivalent Course HIST 2321-2 World History I-II  /Sem. Hr. 6