• It is important students come to school every day and arrive on time. Breakfast begins at 7:20a.m. in the school cafeteria. Students report to their first class at 7:45a.m. Students are late if they are not in their seat ready to begin class by 7:50a.m. 

Leadership Team



    HISD’s Transportation Services is implementing a student badge program designed to help the district track ridership and utilization of buses and routes, while also allowing parents to track when their students get on and off the bus — enhancing efficiency and safety across the system.


    Personalized badges will be provided to all registered HISD bus riders. From there, it’s easy — just scan your badge every time you get on and off a bus. Badge distribution will take place in August. Parents will be notified as badges are distributed.

    HISD Transportation Services is launching Let’s Talk!, an easy-to-use, online program that will streamline communication by giving parents and school staff a central location where they can submit questions and concerns, track their inquiries, get quick answers, and rate our service. Let’s Talk! will not replace Customer Care but will allow both Transportation and Customer Care to focus on improving customer service and reducing response times.

    To use Let’s Talk!, open this link or download the Let’s Talk! app in the App Store or Google Play, click “Get Started,” and then enter the ID: HI1862 when prompted. You can remain anonymous, but if you leave your contact information, you’ll receive a personal response within two business days.



    Our campus based contact for transportation is our Magnet Coordinator, Mrs. Wolff Romero. 


    HISD Customer Care

    Transportation Services
    6351 Pinemont
    Houston,Texas 77092



Off Campus (Class of 2022 Only)

  • Twelfth-grade students may leave East Early College High School campus before dismissal at 3:30 PM if they meet the following criteria: 


    • No NGs (credit denial for low attendance) on transcript. 
    • On track to graduate without needing additional credit recovery courses.  
    • Courses required for graduation allow for dismissal before 3:30 PM. 
    • Submit signed Off-Campus Permission Form to the office of Dean Mark Speier for approval.


    Off-campus means twelfth-grade students may leave the school building and grounds after completing classes and obligations for the day. Off-campus permission may be revoked in the event a student violates campus rules or policies, does not complete required twelfth-grade obligations, begins to fail classes, is placed on probation, etc. A student’s off-campus status shall remain at the discretion of East Early College High School administrators. 


    Students granted off-campus privileges assume a great deal of responsibility. Student accident insurance purchased through the district will NOT cover expenses should an injury occur while a student is off-campus. 


    Click here to access off campus form.