• Grading System

    Criteria for grading academic subjects:
    90 - 100 Excellent work quality; subject mastery
    80 - 89 Good work quality; consistent effort
    75 - 79 Satisfactory work, average achievement
    70 - 74 Work quality below expectations

    Parents will be notified if a student’s grade falls below a 70 grade average or if the grade average falls two or more letter grades after the last progress report.


    Criteria for grading citizenship (conduct) traits:
    E - Excellent behavior; total self-discipline
    S - Satisfactory behavior; cooperates readily
    P - Poor quality behavior below average
    U - Unsatisfactory quality of behavior
    Secondary Conduct average: the marks which result in lowering the student’s conduct average must be given by two different teachers, in two different classes.

    E - Conduct is E unless two marks lower than E are recorded
    S - No U’s, not more than one P, and at least one S
    P - Two or more P’s and no U’s OR at least one U and any other conduct grade below E
    U - Two or more U’s
    NOTE: Parents will be notified of the possibility for a “P” prior to the student receiving a “P”. Parents will be notified of the possibility for a “U” prior to the student receiving a “U”. In either situation, the expectation will be that the parent provide intervention at home to effect a behavior change so that the undesirable “P” or “U” will not be assigned. In addition, a “U” may only be assigned with the grade level administrator’s permission.

    Report cards are distributed shortly after the close of the grading period. Every 4.5 weeks a Progress Report will be prepared and sent home with each student. The progress reports and report cards are to be taken home and shared with parents, in addition, parents are to sign and you are to return the original to your cluster leader the next day.