• What is Hazel Health?
    Hazel Health provides physical and mental health telehealth services to students at school and at home. Hazel Health is an additional tool for nurses, counselors, and social workers to use when providing student services.

    What is telehealth?
    Telehealth is the use of technology to provide health care virtually. All Hazel Health visits are "virtual visits", through a tablet, desktop, or other smart device.

    Why is Houston ISD partnering with Hazel Health?
    Houston ISD is partnering with Hazel Health in response to the increasing demand the district is seeing for both physical health and mental health services, especially after the pandemic.

    Additionally, the recent survey from Rice University Kinder Institute’s Houston Education Research Consortium shared that physical and mental health services were identified as two of the top needs for students in HISD. We are excited that our new partnership with Hazel Health aligns with the community’s feedback and provides additional opportunities for students to access physical and mental health services.

    Is Hazel Health compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)?

    Does a student need insurance to participate in Hazel Health?
    Hazel Health providers and therapists will see all students at no cost, regardless of insurance or immigration status.

    Why does Hazel Health ask for my insurance information if it’s free?
    Families with medical insurance will be asked to provide their insurance information so Hazel Health can bill insurance for Hazel Health services. If insurance does not cover the cost, Hazel Health will not bill or collect co-pays from families. It also helps Hazel Health to better coordinate care, such as referrals and prescriptions.

    What kind of consent is required?
    Parents/guardians of students, or students over the age of 18, must complete an online consent form prior to receiving Hazel Health services at houstonisd.org/telehealth. All consent information can be updated at any time by completing a new consent form.

    How does Hazel Health protect students' data?
    All student health information will stay confidential and in compliance with HIPAA. Student information is stored on Hazel Health’s highly secure, fully encrypted digital records platform.

    What are the credentials of Hazel Healthcare providers?
    Hazel Health’s physical health providers are state licensed Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Associates. Hazel Health’s mental health providers are licensed Social Workers, Marriage and parent/ guardian Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselors, and Licensed
    Mental Health Counselors.

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