How does Hazel Health's mental heath services work?

  • What are the hours for mental health telehealth services?
    Mental health services are available 7am-7pm local time, Monday through Friday.

    Where do mental health telehealth services take place?
    When opting into services the parent/guardian can request for the sessions to take place during the school day or at home. For school sessions, each school will designate a location where the child can go. If needed, headphones and privacy screens can be provided. A school-based staff member will remain in eyesight during the session.

    How does Hazel Health protect my student’s privacy during mental health sessions?
    School staff members who refer a student to Hazel Health’s mental health service are able to look up whether that student successfully enrolls with Hazel Health, but will not receive any details about that students’ care plan or health information without your explicit permission. All student health information will stay confidential and in compliance with HIPAA. Student information is stored on Hazel Health’s highly secure, fully encrypted digital records platform.

    Can I refer my child for mental health telehealth services?
    Yes. After providing consent, a parent/guardian is able to request a referral for their child.

    How will I know if my student has been referred for mental health telehealth services?
    A parent/guardian will receive a call from a Hazel Health Family Resource Manager explaining that their child has been referred by the school counselor for mental health services through Hazel Health. The Hazel Health Family Resource Manager will share details of the referral that
    was completed by the referrer. The parent or guardian will then choose if they would like to opt-into services for their student and schedule an intake visit.

    How many therapy sessions can each student access?
    Hazel Health mental health sessions typically consist of a preliminary intake visit followed by approximately six sessions. The program is short-term—if your child needs long-term mental health support, Hazel Health will work with the parent/ guardian to identify and connect you with
    providers in your community.

    What mental health issues can Hazel Health providers treat or address?

    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Family Issues
    • Trauma
    • Sleep Problems
    • Self Harm
    • Grief/Loss
    • Loneliness
    • Motivation
    • Concentration
    • Anger
    • Academic Stress
    • Bullying
    • Self-Esteem
    • Resilience
    • Relationships
    • And more





    How does Hazel Health’s mental health services work?
    First, a parent/ guardian or the school counselor can refer a student for teletherapy by completing the referral form for the student. Once a student has been referred the Hazel Health Family Resource Manager will call the parent/ guardian. If the parent/guardian opts-into services then the Hazel Health Family Resource Manager will schedule an intake visit. The parent/
    guardian will participate in the initial intake session with the student.

    After the intake visit, the parent/guardian will work with a Hazel Health Family Resource Manager to schedule appointments for their student either at-school or at-home. All sessions are pre-scheduled and a student will participate in approximately six sessions. Once all of the
    sessions are complete, the student, parent/guardian and therapist will review the progress they have made and make a recommendation for either long term support or additional next steps.

    What happens if a student needs to cancel or reschedule?
    The Hazel Health clinical team will work with the referrer and/or parent/ guardian to reschedule canceled or missed appointments. Clinical visits proceeding as scheduled is a crucial component of ensuring that Hazel Health’s licensed providers can best serve the needs of students, but Hazel Health understands that conflicts arise. Whenever possible, Hazel Health appreciates receiving at least 24 hours advance notice in the event that a visit needs to be canceled or rescheduled. After multiple cancellations with no notice, the student will be discharged, and re-enrolled once they are able to commit to the program's time commitment.

    Please note that therapists may or may not be able to accommodate requests for sessions to be moved later in the day or week; given the weekly nature of the Hazel Health HEART care model, if a visit does need to be canceled and cannot be rescheduled, students can still look
    forward to their recurring session the following week.

    Can my child see a Hazel Health therapist if they are also receiving care from another therapist in my community?
    In alignment with mental health industry standards, Hazel Health cannot duplicate counseling services that are already being provided by another therapist. Please let your Hazel Health therapist know if you are receiving any other mental health services during your intake visit so that they can determine whether it is clinically appropriate to pursue Hazel Health’s program.