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    Otherwise type it in from the list here:

    Directions:  For fun, check out these different games, apps and activities that help us to

    understand more of the world all around us, that’s just too small to see.


    http://community.nsee.us/mri_games/fsgame.html  This site offers a few different games to help introduce you to things at the nanoscale.  Though the games are pretty basic, there is still quite a bit of important knowledge to discover.


    http://www.northeastern.edu/chn/geckoman/  A fun game in which you learn more about the nano-world by using the nanoscale features of a gecko. 


    http://www.htwins.net/scale2/  A very cool application that shows the universe from its absolute smallest to its absolute biggest.


    http://www.wonderville.ca/assets/ifs/nano/index_allowed.html  Many different applications and games can be found at this site and they all help you learn more about the world on the nanoscale.


    http://www.nanoreisen.de/   A brilliant application that helps you explore everyday things down to a nanoscale.  It is a higher level activity, but still very cool to check out.


    *The following games must be downloaded to be played.  They are safe.  Type in the dropbox link or if you are using my class webpage just click on the link.



     Hold the 'Ctrl' key and click on the link to go to my dropbox.










    NanoMedicine Module 1 - An interactive game where you control a nanoscale robot to travel through your friend's body in order to save his life.






    NanoMedicine Module 2 - Another version of the previously mentioned game.






    NanoScaling - A cool walk though of things from the immensely huge to the unbelievably small.






    NanoImaging - Learn how a scanning electron microscope works and use it to identify and destroy dangerous organisms in the water.




    * If you find a cool link or game about Nanotechnology please let Mr. Satterwhite know.  (-: