• Most supplies that will be needed are already mentioned on the 6M supply list such as 1 composition book, a ruler, colored pencils, normal pencils, blue or black pens, a red pen for grading, highlighters, ear buds, a flash drive, etc.  Please periodically check to make sure that your child is well stocked on those expendables.  

    I do have a science supply wish list on Amazon if any of our lovely parents out there would be willing to help us out with some really cool science toys.  The link is:   
    Finally, if you are looking for a super handy science reference book I strongly recommended purchasing a ScienceSaurus (middle school edition with the green cover).  In the past this book was required, but because of the difficulty of getting everyone to purchase it is no longer mandatory.  Still it is a great book to own throughout your child's years in public school.  A paperback copy is just as good as the hard cover as far as content goes and a used copy will save you money.  Look online at eBay, Amazon or any other website of your choice, as local bookstores often run out.  Used copies are preferred because they can be found so inexpensively ($5.00-$10.00 max) as long as it's the green cover and not the blue.  And the edition really doesn't matter because they haven't significantly updated the content and the older versions are what we have in the classroom and library.  The ScienceSaurus is an excellent reference book that takes difficult to understand concepts and subject matter and puts them into more easily understood terms.  A ScienceSaurus would be a great reference book for 7th and 8th grade as well.  (And no I don't get any kickbacks from the sale of the book.  It's really just that good.)