Zoned students identified as gifted and talented will be enrolled in our Vanguard (GT) program.  Students who reside outside of our attendance zone must submit a magnet transfer application by November 6, 2020, must be identified as gifted and talented, and must be selected from our magnet lottery, in order to enroll on our campus and be placed in our Vanguard program.


    Students are admitted into the HISD Gifted and Talented Program only after they have been identified as Qualified by the HISD G/T Identification Matrix. All students who are identified as gifted and talented in HISD will retain their G/T identification providing they subsequently enroll in an HISD Gifted and Talented program upon identification and are continuously enrolled in an HISD Gifted and Talented program thereafter.  A gifted and talented furlough is required in order for the student to retain his/her GT identification in HISD if his/her absence will be greater than 60 instructional days. Vanguard Magnet applicants will adhere to the Office of School Choice Admissions Guidelines. 



    • Intradistrict transfer students who have been identified as G/T according to established District criteria shall continue in the gifted and talented program at the campus to which they transfer. If a HISD G/T-identified student has not been coded in HISD’s Student Information System (SIS), the student’s Qualified HISD G/T Identification Matrix must be provided to the Gifted and Talented Coordinator at the campus to which they transfer.  


    • Out of district transfer students who have been identified as G/T by a previous school district must follow the HISD G/T identification process. Districts across the nation have varying procedures and processes for determining identification for gifted and talented services based on the service model provided to students in their district.  As previously identified students enroll in Houston ISD, the data from the previous school district must be evaluated to determine eligibility in Houston ISD.  Parents must provide the campus GT Coordinator with all gifted and talented documentation from the student’s previous school district.  The campus GT Coordinator will send GT students transfer requests with documentation to the HISD T department for review.  In accordance with the Houston ISD Local Board Policy EHBB, within 30 days of receipt of the transfer request, parents will be notified of the results of the requested transfer review. Multiple metrics are employed for the evaluation of the transfer records. (see campus G/T coordinator for details). 


    • Children of active military families who have been identified as G/T according to their previous school’s criteria shall be served in the Gifted and Talented Program at the HISD campus to which they enroll provided the student’s Gifted and Talented identification documentation is submitted.


    Any questions or concerns regarding G/T identification or Vanguard placement should be directed to Lanier’s G/T coordinator, Mrs. Garza Pender, at jgarza8@houstonisd.org.