I provide this class calendar as a courtesy to parents and students.  Because I am busy every day planning lessons and grading your assessments, my webpage does not always get updated regularly, although I try!  So . . .  CAUTION:  The HOMEWORK BOARD CONTROLS.  If your planner is different than this class calendar page, it just means I haven't yet updated the calendar, so GO WITH YOUR PLANNER!!  Or PHONE A RESPONSIBLE FRIEND to be sure!
    If you are doing what you are supposed to do as a reflective, thinking, super "pawesome" Lanier student, your planner should look EXACTLY like my Homework Board.  You accomplish this by entering my room and checking the homework board first thing.  Copy anything new onto your planner; if there is nothing new, in the square that represents my class, write "NNHW" (No New Homework) or "No HW."  This tells you -- and your parents -- that I did not assign any additional homework for the day.
    Also remember to "CIF" ("Carry It Forward").  THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!  That is, on the last day of the week, look over your planner to determine what you have not finished and need to finish over the weekend.  For long-term assignments, put the date DUE in the appropriate square.  That way you can plan ahead and remember future deadlines!