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     THIS WEEK’S ANSWERS -- "Helen Keller Article" DUE Thursday, April 12, 2018



    Part 1 -- VOCABULARY:  The word bleak in paragraph two means UNWELCOMING;  DREARY, or MISERABLE.  The context words that help you determine the word’s meaning are:  __more like prisons_. 


    Part 2:First, write TEN FACTS about Helen Keller on the lines below.  You do not have to write in complete sentences.  NOTE:  This article has more than ten facts about Helen Keller.  For this part, if you can point to the fact in the text, you are right!   Here are some sample fact entries; you are correct if your facts are written similarly to these.  The key facts are highlighted in yellow.


    1.       __Helen Keller was blind and deaf._____

    2.       ___Helen first met Annie Sullivan in 1887.



    3.       ___At first, Helen was wild and angry, and she spoke only by grunting and screaming.  _______

    4.       __Annie Sullivan began teaching Helen when Helen was seven.



    5.       ___By the time she was 10, Helen could read and write Braille, she later learned French and Greek.

    6.       __ Helen learned to speak clearly enough that Annie could understand her.



    7.       __ Helen attended Radcliffe, a most selective college.___

    8.       __ Helen became an author and wrote 13 books and hundreds of articles; she was famous._____



    9.       ___Helen learned to ride a horse and bike.

    10.   _Famous and ordinary people from all over the world wanted to meet her; and, she was one of America’s great heroes when she died at 87._



     1.       SUMMARIZE (state the main idea of) this passage in your own wordsONE SENTENCE ONLY, please.  Remember that a summary does not include your opinions!


    Dr. Samuel Kountz , an African American pioneer in transplant research, was a biochemist and doctor who learned how best to transport kidneys so they could be transplanted, and he also was instrumental in developing anti-rejection drugs.___________________________________________________________

    2.       List three SUPPORTING DETAILS found in this article about Dr. Samuel Lee Kountz  ANY THREE OF FOLLOWING:


    1)      __Dr. Kountz studied biochemistry at the University of Arkansas before going to medical school.________________________________________________________________________


    2)      _He became an authority on kidney transportation.___________________________________

    3)      _He performed an operation, live, on the Today show._________________________________


    4)      __ He spent many years researching anti-rejection drugs.______________________________

    5)     ___ He established the largest kidney transplant and training program in country (in California).   ___________________________________________________________________