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    I'm excited about the year we will spend together! 2014-2015 promises to be most exciting. It's a year of transition for 6th graders. It's their first year out of self-contained classrooms. With more independence comes higher expectations!:) 
    6th grade Fundamental reading and math are courses that help bridge the learning gap of students that are off-grade level. It helps students with prerequisite skills needed for the sixth grade TEKS curriculum.
    6th Grade Support Facilitation Schedule

    R1: Support Facilitation

    P1:Reading Resource


    Study Lab

    R2:Support Facilitation

    P2:Support Facilitation

    R3: Planning

    P3: Math Resource

    R4: Math Resource

    P4: Planning

           Tutorials: M-Th 3:30-4:30 p.m.