*Leadership 2016 - Heroes and Legends Camp*
            Woohoo!  I can't wait for camp this year. 
    The theme is "Heroes and Legends" and you will be in one of the following groups, 
    Beyonce', J.J. Watt, Jose Altuve, Carly Lloyd, Walter Cronkite, and more.
    You don't get to choose, you will get a call telling you which one.
    For Campers: 
    Leadership Camp is July 26-July 29th, from 8:45-3:30 each day.  
    • You will come to the cafeteria each morning and be picked up there in the afternoon (not the front). 
    • You will be in the cafeteria at 8:45 in the morning, picked up at 3:30 each afternoon.
    • We will be hosting the Aspire Rock Gym at Lanier on Wednesday. You will need to sign a waiver that you will get on the first day of camp. 
    • I need you to make sure you have emailed me your t-shirt size.
    • You will get plenty of sleep each night so you can bring your A-game each day!
    • You will not have your electronics out unless you are taking pictures of activities or speakers... NO TEXTING!
    • You will learn about who you are, who you have the potential to be, and how you can get there!
    • You will need to bring a lunch each day!
    • You will get a water bottle, a backpack, a t-shirt and all the expertise of my former leaders and me : )
    • You will get a ton of tips, new games, and activities to help you with your first weeks as a GSG leader. 
    • If you have questions or concerns, please email me at mgiroir@houstonisd.org
    For Coaches/Senior Leaders:  
    • You will have training July 25th, from 8:30 am-3:30 pm. (mandatory!!!) meet in the auditorium
    • We will go over all the new games and activities,
    • We will contact all the campers to make sure they know which group they are in.
    • We will go over the groups for camp.
    • We will have fun!
    • We will bring mad energy and mad skills!!!
    • We will make a difference in the lives of those who attend camp.
    • We will be in the cafeteria between 8:15-8:30 each morning.
    • We will help clean up after camp on the 29th, until about 4 pm (if you are able).
    • We will leave everything better or as clean as we found it!  


    Welcome to Leadership Camp 2016

    Leadership Camp – Day 1, July 26 (leadership t-shirts)


    I.                   Check-in: Warm up cheers (former leadership t-shirts)                  
    8:45-9:00am (G-O-O-D morning, Energy Check, Standing O)
    Location: Cafeteria

    II.        Ice Breaker Game/Activity:

                Location: Cafeteria                                                                                  9:00-9:55am
    ·           Personalized Nametags Activity (in the senior leader packet, Day 1)
    ·           Candy Ice Breaker Game (in the senior leader packet, Day 1)
    ·           ????? ball Activity (in the senior leader packet, Day 1)
    ·           Put names on popsicle sticks for choosing students to answer or participate

    Transition to Auditorium

    III.             Guest Speaker – Margana Wood – 1st runner up Ms. Texas        10:00-10:30am

    IV.     Introduction in to Leadership (information in packet

    Location: Auditorium                                                                                       10:30-11:00am

    ·           Tips for facilitating activities led by senior leaders in small groups

    ·           Leadership do’s and don’ts

    Power point presentation by Giroir

    ·           H.E.R.O, H – Helper, what does that look like?

    ·            After information is presented the new leaders will break out into their small groups and complete the activity “Grow a Leader” led by senior leaders. Also, what do you do? (Problems, chain of command, etc.)

    V.       Grow a Leader exercise (led by senior leaders)

    Location: Auditorium (spread out)                                                     11:00-12:00pm

    ·           Small group activity on leadership led by senior leaders, handout in packet.

    Transition to cafeteria

    VI.             Lunch (free time for all leaders, and journal entry time)                   12:00-12:30pm

    VII.     Power point – Goal Setting /volunteering                                       12:30 - 1:00pm

    Mr. Giroir will lead a quick power point/discussion over the goal setting for the year and upcoming volunteer opportunities.

    Transition to gym


    VIII.       Teambuilding Games                                                                            1:00-3:00pm

    (Game objective and procedures in senior leader packet, all games led by senior leaders)

    ·           (1) Yurt Circle/Hula Hoop Tic-Tac Toe - Gym

                ·           (2) Patriotic Colors/Hula Hoop Game (rotation) - Gym

    ·           (3) Spider Web – 2 Truths and a Lie - Hall

    ·           (4) Sheet Drop Name Game/Human Bingo – Cafeteria  

    ·           (5) Gum Ball-Jawbreaker Rally/Take me to your leader - Patio


    Transition back to cafeteria

    IX.             Debriefing on games                                                                            3:00-3:15pm

    ·           Q & A                                                                                           3:15-3:30pm

    ·           How did today go for everyone, what worked, what did not work? Students will discuss the events of yesterday and their experiences with the first day. Students will also make notes in their binders on what games or activities that they can use in their GSG.



    Leadership Camp Day 2

    Day Two, July 27th 

    Agenda – Making Connections                                                        (Camp T-shirts)

    Camp Time: 8:30-3:30


    ·           Teambuilding

    ·           Problem Solving

    ·           E – Everyone participates in some way

    ·           Receive information on teaching a GSG


    I. Welcome:

    Location: Cafeteria                                                                                    8:45am

    Check-in: Receive name tags,

    Energizer: Wiggalo, Bananas                     

    Senior leader: teach energizers to the new leaders
    senior leaders give each kid a pre-made name tag with their name and group on it. 


    II. Introductions:                                                                                           8:45-9:00am                Location: Cafeteria

    Senior Leaders: Ask the students their reasons for participating in Leadership and what they hope to accomplish by being a leader. Teach them I love you but be quiet, Good Leaders are… good listeners, etc”,

                Mr. G: - Expectations, E- Effort, Everyone is important


    III.             Team activities – large group and small groups   (Gym)             9:15-10am

     Jungle Safari and Texas Rain Storm led by Mr. G, others in your small group

    * Texas Rain Storm                 * Jungle Safari
    * Positive Post-its!                  * Roller Coaster Cheer


    IV.      Training overview:                                                                           10am-3pm

                 Inspire Rock Gym 5 stations – 2 groups per station


    IV.             Rock Gym Activities 10:00- 12:00, lunch, 12:30-2:45pm


    V.                Standing O for the Rock Group – 2:50, bathroom break, move to Aud.


    VI.             Guest Speaker – Logan Shiller, Future Olympian                     3:00-3:25pm

    Former Purple Pup, former GSG leader

    Bellaire Cardinal,
    Houston Swim Club (HSC)


    VII.          3:25-3:30 – End of Day Speech by Mr. G – release to parents

    Effort Video – Facing the Giants








    Day Three July 28, 2016                                                                   (H.S./college t-shirts)


    • Ongoing team building
    • H.E.R.O. – R – Respect, Responsibility
    • Understanding GSGs and the lessons that drive them


    I. Welcome:

    Location: Cafeteria                                                                                       8:45am

    Check-in and Energizer                                 

    II. Ice Breaker Game - Story Boxes                                                                8:45-9:15am

    Transition to gym

    III. Small group breakout (poster board)                                                    9:15-10:15am

    Students will get into their small groups to discuss GSGs and the problems with teaching lessons. This is a working session; new leaders will work with senior leaders on how they can make the lessons more effective this year. Side conversations not allowed the goal is to effectively seek solution focused ideas to help the GSGs. Each group will come up with two points with solutions to discuss as a large group. (STRESS PREPAREDNESS) (Make sure each leader contributes something to the conversation).  You can also have the groups pick a project for the year, then decide how to do it, what you will need, time frame, etc. (snacks)


    IV. Large group                                                                                            10:15-10:45am

    Each group takes a turn presenting the problems and solutions to the problems.


    V.                Energizer Baby Shark, Singing in the rain, Potty Break”               10:45-10:55am


    VI.             Elements of a good GSG lesson                                                       11:00-12:00pm

    What makes a good lesson, topics year at a glance, how to create a lesson; look at the first weeks lessons/games.


    VII.          Lunch (students free time to journal what they have learned)          12:00-12:30pm


    VIII.       Guest Speaker –   Dennis Huffman                                                  12:30-1:00pm

    Teacher of the year HISD 2010

    MS in Education

    M.I.T Teacher program

    Music Aficionado


    IX.             Teambuilding Games                                                                           1:00-3:00pm

    Ice Breaker Games: 1:00-3:00 – (1) Evolution (Gym), (2) Giants/Wizards/Elves (Gym), (3) Beach Blanket Volleyball (B-ball court), (4) On the line/Off the line (Cafeteria), (5) Tower of Power (Chess Patio),


    X.                Gym: Letters to self                                                                             3:00-3:25pm

    XI.             Announcements, clean up, and pick up bus lane                              3:25-3:30pm









    Day Four July 29th

    Agenda – CPR/AED/First Aid                                                       

    Camp Time: 8:45-3:30pm


    I.                   Welcome – Energizers (senior leaders choice)                         

    Location – Cafeteria


    II.                CPR – Training – Sherri Leuhr – Parachute Consulting

    Auditorium – All groups, then divide into smaller sections


    III.             AED – (Automatic Electronic Defibulator) (testing area)


    IV.             First Aid – Learn to wrap a wound, and make a sling


    V.                Lunch 12ish??? – Rotating lunch


    VI.             Guest Speaker – ??? Maybe, maybe not.


    VII.          Taking Action – Projects for the year!

    Materials – poster board, markers, ideas

    Have the students divide the poster board into four quadrants.

    Upper left quadrant - What is the project?

    Upper right quadrant – What materials do you need?

    Lower left quadrant – Who do you need to help with this (principal, teachers, clubs, Mr. G, coaches, custodians, etc.)?

    Lower right quadrant – When do you want it to be completed?


    VIII.       Survey – H.E.R.O. – O- O.M.G I am a leader, now what?

    IX.             Senior Leader panel, survey, final pictures, pup-camp sign up


    X.                Camp Slideshow – presented by Elissa Killebrew


    XI.             End of Camp – Song, sway, clean up!!!!!