• GSG Leadeship Contract:  AKA, what I expect from my leaders.

    ·        Be nice.

    ·        Show others you care.

    ·        Offer support.

    ·        Be on time: there is no excuse to be late, don’t test me on this…

    ·        Keep up with your leadership work.  Never tell me that you couldn’t do your work because of another class. Leadership is important to me, and to the students that depend on you. 

    ·        Be prepared: Keep up with lessons.  Don’t put them off until the last minute and go into your GSG unprepared. 

    ·        Know what to say (practice!!!)

    ·        Keep your lessons organized.

    ·        Be courteous: This means helpful “not superior”

    ·        Be responsible: know what you should be doing; ask if you don’t understand.

    ·        Know how to teach the lesson: go over it before teaching it.

    ·        Speak Clearly.

    ·        Have lessons ready on the day you need them.

    ·        Have all the materials you need for a lesson before you start teaching it.

    ·        Take leadership seriously – I am looking for a total commitment!

    ·        Leaders are to take responsibility for themselves and the work required of them.

    ·        Check your attitude at the door! Someone who knows how special you are chose you to be a leader. Don’t disappoint them by arguing, fighting, and bossing each other around.  A good leader knows when not to open his/her mouth.

    ·        Likewise, do not bring your bias or prejudices against people to my class.  We are one HUMAN race.  We have an awesome group of students at Lanier.  Look for the uniqueness among all people.

    ·        You are a leader 24/7 – not just at Lanier.  Keep in mind a good leader knows when to lead and when to follow.

    ·        Leaders are expected to be the example, not the exception, for all school expectations/Guiding Principles (I am safe, I am responsible, I am respectful, and I am prepared.).

    ·        Leaders are committed to a full year, unless behavior warrants removal from the program.

    ·        Use, possession, or being under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, and/or any controlled substances will not be tolerated.

    ·        No fighting. Violence is never the answer or the solution to your problems and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

    ·        I will not cheat on any papers, assignments, quizzes, tests, finals, projects, etc. My work will be my own. 

    ·        Conduct unbecoming of a leader will not be tolerated.  Don’t embarrass the program, yourself, or me by acting like less than a leader at all times.

    ·        All leaders will exhibit proper dress code as designated by the student handbook both at school and during school related events/activities.

    ·        If a leader misses class for any reason, it is his/her responsibility to contact another leader and gather any missing information/assignments.  Being absent from class does not excuse you from work missed. 
    ·        I will use good judgment when utilizing social media, including but not limited to Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, texting, Vine, Snapchat, Vimeo, etc. I realize that any inappropriate actions or posts can result in my probation in the leadership program or possible removal from the program.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know,




    Mike Giroir

    Lanier Leadership/ GSG Coordinator

    2012 Walter Kase ADL Teacher of Excellence Award Winner




    Signature Page:  Please keep one copy at home to remind you of our commitment.




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    Any Comments, concerns or other information may be written in here.  I’m here for our kids and our school family; please feel free to contact me at any time.  Mgiroir@houstonisd.org