What is EMERGE?
EMERGE-HISD connects high-performing students from underserved backgrounds to top-tier institutions that will offer them the least financial burden and the greatest support. We provide students and families with knowledge and access to opportunities that will empower them to make the most informed decisions and reach their full potential.
College readiness
EMERGE-HISD is under
the Division of College
and Career Readiness. 
Contact Us
1102 Telephone Road
Houston, TX 77023
Contact number: 713-967-5219
Emerge Fellowship
EMERGE-HISD partners with
the non-profit organization,
Phuong Ta
Former EMERGE student

"Out of more than 120 applications, I was honored to be selected to be in the first cohort of EMERGE with 11 other Chavez Fellows."
Felipe Guillen
2015 State of the Schools

The EMERGE program was highlighted at HISD's State of the Schools 2015. Felipe Guillen gave a moving speech about his experiences in EMERGE and how they led him to Stanford University.