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What is EMERGE?

The EMERGE-HISD program prepares talented HISD students from underserved communities to successfully attend and graduate from Ivy League and other top-tier colleges.

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The EMERGE application will be available in October 2014

Ivy Plus College Night
Upcoming Events
Date Event Description
9/17/14 Columbia Night Columbia U. Info Session
9/22/14 Brown Night Brown U. Info Session
10/8/14 Yale Night Yale U. Info Session
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Hattie Mae White ESC
4400 West 18th St.
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Contact number: 713-556-7294

Phuong Ta
Former EMERGE student

"Out of more than 120 applications, I was honored to be selected to be in the first cohort of EMERGE with 11 other Chavez Fellows."
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Julissa Alcantar Martinez
Principal, Davis HS

"I, too, am inspired to create a change within our school and our course offerings as well as our extracurricular opportunities ..."
College readiness
Teacher Nominations
Teachers and counselors may nominate students for the EMERGE program.If there is a student who you believe may be a good fit for the EMERGE program, you may nominate him or her by filling out our nomination form.