• Teacher Incentive Allotment

    Houston Independent School District has submitted a Letter Of Intent to the Texas Education Agency to participate in Cohort E of the Teacher Incentive Allotment. The Teacher Incentive Allotment is an optional part of the 2019 House Bill 3 that is designed to provide a pathway for effective educators to earn higher salaries, to attract and keep effective educators, and provide incentives to teach on campuses with the highest needs. Districts that choose to participate in the Teacher Incentive Allotment must create a local designation system to identify high-performing educators based on standards to be released by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Teachers that meet the required criteria will get designated as either Recognized, Exemplary, or Master. For each designated teacher, the district will receive an allotment from $3,000 - $32,000, depending on the teacher’s designation level and the Socioeconomic Status of the students on their campus. Of these funds received, at least 90 percent of the funds generated must be used on teacher compensation on the campus in which the teacher is designated. All district designation systems must be created at the district level and approved through TEA and Texas Tech.

    Teacher Incentive Allotment and HISD

    HISD is pursuing the Teacher Incentive Allotment to continue supporting students and to provide increases compensation to high-performing educators. The Teacher Incentive Allotment will also create the following:

    • Increased student achievement
    • Support teacher growth
    • Increase equity of access to the most effective teachers
    • Use of state dollars to increase teacher salaries
    • Increase retention of the most effective teachers
    • Opportunity to strengthen the current evaluation system

    In order to effectively roll out the Teacher Incentive Allotment, in alignment with its intention, the district will begin with supporting our lowest-performing campuses and will equitably expand eligibility over the next few years. A final list of schools that are eligible has not yet been determined and will be announced in the coming weeks.

    As we move forward in this process, HISD is committed to utilizing a teacher-focused stakeholder engagement plan to maximize teacher voice throughout the development process. 

    More information about the Teacher Incentive Allotment can be found at the Texas Education Agency Website www.tiatexas.org

    Please email questions regarding the Teacher Incentive to the HISD TIA Project Team at TIA@HoustonISD.org