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Senior Staff

Superintendent Richard A. Carranza

Direct reports to the Superintendent:
Deputy Superintendent Samuel Sarabia
Chief Academic Officer Grenita Lathan 
Chief Communications Officer Rebecca Suárez 
Chief Financial Officer Rene Barajas
Chief Human Resources Officer Gloria Cavazos
Chief Operating Officer Brian Busby
Chief of Police Robert Mock
Chief of Staff Cynthia Wilson
Chief Student Support Officer Mark Smith
Chief Technology Information Officer Lenny Schad
General Counsel Elneita Hutchins-Taylor
Direct reports to the Chief Academic Officer:
Chief School Officer, Achieve 180 Erick Pruitt 
Chief School Officer, Superintendent's Schools Yolanda Rodríguez
Chief School Officer, North Area Julia Dimmitt 
Chief School Officer, Northwest Area Steven Gutierrez 
Chief School Officer, East Area Jorge L. Arredondo 
Chief School Officer, South Area Nicole Moore 
Chief School Officer, West Area Rebecca Brown