Logistics provide the receipt, physical storage and distribution of materials and supplies to schools and departments within HISD. Improvements promoting "accountability, best practices, and fiscal constraints" are consistently emphasized throughout the Warehouse Operations. Operating procedures for providing warehouse services are continuously reviewed for efficiency enhancement and quality effectiveness toward achieving Logistics objectives and mission. 


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Houston ISD
Logistics & Fleet Operations
228 McCarty, Building 2
Houston, TX 77029
Route: 1
Telephone:  713-676-9410
Fax:  713-676-9551
Office Hours:  7:00 AM to 3:30 PM
Alexis Licata, Officer
Business Logistics & Transportation
Nicole Barnett, General Manager
Logistics & Fleet Operations
TBD, Senior Manager
Logistics & Textbook Ops
Gary Daigle, Senior Manager
Fleet Operations
Gary Hogg, Manager 
Inventory Control
Andria Jones, Manager
Logistic Operations
Veronica Ruiz, Manager
Furniture Services
Harvey Schulze, Manager 
Vehicle Parts
Rosa Shelton, Manager
Textbook Operations
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