TRANSFORM with momentum to change public education

Houston Independent School District  is leading the movement for education reform.  We know that the greatest impact on student achievement happens when there is an effective principal in every school.

As a change agent, Houston ISD campus leaders are positively impacting student growth and achievement, and they are leading the momentum to improve public education across America.  Campus leaders have a passion for excellence, are creative problem solvers, and not afraid to question the status quo with an unwavering belief that every child can learn.

Our principals are leaders in the decision-making process affecting their schools and empowered with autonomy.  As a school leader, your success will be measured by:

  • Student performance results
  • Collaboration with teachers, parents, and the community
  • Innovation  
  • Operational excellence  
At Houston ISD, we expect our principals to take responsibility for helping their teachers improve and grow professionally. Our campus leaders must be proactive in letting our teachers know that they are valued.  They must do whatever necessary to ensure, even in classrooms where teachers are struggling, that students receive a consistent and rigorous education.

Houston Independent School District is committed to offering each one of our students the best educational opportunities possible so that our students can be life long learners who are able to live and work productively in an ever-changing ; new economy  with new technology, new competition, and new expectations.  Houston ISD welcomes talented leaders who have the passion to make a difference.  Be a part of the movement to improve public education and apply for a school leadership position today.

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