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After nearly six months of research, input, and collaboration with education and technology experts from HISD and throughout the nation, Superintendent Terry Grier's vision has been developed into a far-reaching plan that will go beyond providing computer devices for students. It will also create transformational, digital-age instruction that will prepare Houston’s children to succeed in the 21st century and to compete with their peers around the world.

The districtwide initiative is called PowerUp, and it will transform how teachers teach and how students learn at HISD schools. PowerUp will empower HISD students to become drivers of their own learning and will connect them with resources, people, ideas, and opportunities far beyond the four walls of the classroom. For HISD teachers, the initiative will allow them to create more effective, engaging instruction that can be tailored to the needs and interests of students.

Phase One Underway

HISD has involved district teachers, principals, and various central-office departments, including instructional technology, curriculum, and professional development in the planning, development, and implementation of PowerUp. To ensure success, the decision was made to roll out the initiative in stages. Phase 1, or the pilot stage, is currently underway at the following 11 high schools:

Time Line