Community Town Hall Meeting on Recapture


HISD voters will be asked on May 6 to decide how the district will pay its Recapture obligation to the state of Texas.

Voters will choose between two options—purchase attendance credits from the state or have commercial property detached. A vote against purchasing attendance credits means that the district permanently will lose tax collections for certain commercial properties. A vote for purchasing attendance credits means that HISD will write a check to the state for local property taxes and continue to make annual recapture payments as long as property wealth grows.

HISD Board Trustees Anne Sung and Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca will host a joint community meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, April 17, at Mark White Elementary School, 2515 Old Farm Road, Houston, TX, 77063. Also present from HISD will be Financial General Manager Glenn Reed.

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Mark White Elementary School
2515 Old Farm Road
Houston, TX 77063The zipcode must be numeric with at least five numbers.