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The Multilingual Education Department, through its four major divisions (Title III, Bilingual/English as a Second Language, Migrant Education, and Newcomer/Refugee), is committed to serve all HISD schools by providing expertise, guidance, support and training necessary to educate English Language Learners as well as migrant, newcomer/refugee, and immigrant students. The Multilingual Education Department supports district initiatives by guiding campus administrators and training teachers so that there is a highly effective teacher in all Bilingual/ESL classrooms. 

Languages spoken in HISD include Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese (Mandarin), Urdu, and Nepali.

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Multilingual Education Department
4400 West 18th Street
Level 2SW
Houston, TX 77092
Telephone: 713-556-6961
Fax: 713-556-6980
Dr. Altagracia "Gracie" Guerrero, Assistant Superintendent  
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