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Curriculum and Development
Welcome to the Curriculum and Development department page. This site contains important curriculum information and documents that are the cornerstone of your child's education and development.


  • 6/11/2014 - Snapshot of a Kindergarten Student 
    The Snapshot of a Kindergarten Student outlines essential skills and high expectations that represent what a typical five-year-old child should be able to demonstrate coming into kindergarten. The document serves as a guide for developing a set of competencies in each curricular area and presents expected outcomes for mastery by the end of kindergarten. It also includes activities for families to do at home to support what their children are learning in school.
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  • In 2011, Houston Independent School District (HISD) Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier and the HISD Board of Education Trustees implemented a district-wide Literacy Initiative.  Since 2011, HISD has continuously monitored the district’s literacy performance. With ongoing concerns about literacy, the existing plan, CLASS, was revised and updated in 2014.  The new plan, Literacy by 3, articulates the alignment of literacy instruction with the district curriculum and addresses new district initiatives including PowerUp and the PowerUp: HUB (HISD’s digital teaching and learning platform). 
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  • 10/22/2013 - ConnectEd Studios Now Available
    ConnectEd Studios is providing students and teachers with access to industry professionals in an effort to support and expand project-based learning in HISD classrooms. Please follow the link to access the ConnectEd Studios website. 
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  • 9/17/2013 - Now Featuring Heritage Month Content and Links 
    Houston ISD encourages the celebration of Heritage Months. That's why the curriculum department is proud to bring you a new page dedicated to the diversity, traditions, and history of various cultures throughout the world.
    The Heritage Month content is located on the Social Studies department page, click here to navigate to the page.
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