• Club Objective: 

    Club Motto: 

    Club Constitution:

    • Our club is open to all ethnicities however, being interested in Slavic culture is highly encouraged as it is our main objective.
    • The members need to be respectful towards each other and their backgrounds.
    • Laziness and inactivity will not be tolerated in the club.
    • The meetings need to be attended at least once per month
    • The area we are using needs to be clean and left just the way it was before arrival
    • Members need to practice mutual respect
    • Be prepared to eat and consume food you are not prepared for.
    • Never force any member to any work unless the person wants to do it.
    • The executive decisions must be passed amongst at least President and VP
    • The board of executives has rights to terminate anyone who is found to be discriminatory, racist, disrespectful, or any of such violations.
  • Club Calendar:

    In meetings, we will discuss different activities our club can attend outside of school and how we will incorporate our culture into these activities. We will also discuss what is happening in the world and appreciate the unity we are grateful to have at our school.

    Meetings will be held in 11C.

    • First club meeting! 9/22
    • Slavic Heritage Festival 9/25
    • Club meeting 10/5
    • Slavic Heritage Picnic 10/9
    • Club meeting 10/19
    • Club meeting 11/2
    • Club meeting 11/16
    • Club meeting 11/30
    • Club meeting 12/7
    • Club meeting 1/4
    • Club meeting 1/18
    • Club meeting 2/1
    • Club meeting 2/15
    • Club meeting 3/1
    • Club meeting 3/15
    • Club meeting 3/29
    • Club meeting 4/5

    Last club meeting of the year!! 4/19