Basketball - Girls



    Student-athletes involved in the Lamar Girls’ Basketball Program will have a positive experience which will support life skills such as discipline, respect, hard work, and teamwork.




    Student-athletes need guidance, positive role modeling, and coaching on the court. Successful programs take a extensive approach to coaching and creating an atmosphere that provide players, coaches, fans, administrators, and the community with a sense of belonging.


    As coaches we must be well prepared, well rounded, knowledgeable, and a “student of the game,” who leads by example and maintains a standard  of academic success, winning, and discipline. Our coaches must drive and motivate student-athletes to obtain their full potential as a player and person.


    Players gain confidence and a love for the game through positive feedback from parents, coaches, and players. Girls’ basketball can be an exciting opportunity for your daughter to have fun, develop as an individual/team player, learn discipline and responsibility, and mature as a person.


    Competition is an important element of any sport and as student-athletes grow they naturally become more competitive. We feel our role, and that of the parents, is to help the student-athletes develop the ability to deal with competition in a healthy way. Effort and attitude is the focus. If we can achieve that, then we have accomplished more than winning.


    Different expectations from the coach, parent(s), and player can take away from the experience of the athlete/team. As you read through this handbook please make sure that our philosophy fits with the expectations you want for your student-athlete.




    • To graduate 100% of our seniors each and every year.
    • To support each and every player in our program.
    • To become better student-athletes, and citizens.
    • To maintain a 3.0 program GPA.
    • To improve individual player skills.
    • To generate enthusiasm, excitement, and support for Lamar Redskins Girls’ Basketball.
    • To work HARD, play HARD, and show RESPECT.