School Offices

  • Welcome Center

    North Building 1st Floor 

    Office Personnel:

    Receptionist: Arthur Chenier

    Receptionist:  Evelyn Polio

    Receptionist: Antrice Axle

    Attendance Auditor: Ricardo Lozano

    Registrar: Benjamin Guinther

    Primary Roles:

    -New Student Enrollment  

    -Visitor Registration and Badges

    -Transcript Request

    -Update Demographic Information



    Main Office

    North Building 2nd Floor

    Office Personnel:

    Receptionist: Marlen Ramos

    Principal Administrative Assistant: Ms. Ibarra

    School Business Manager: Billie Wesley

    School Principal: Ms. Rita Graves


    Primary Roles:

    -General Questions

    -Fee Payment

    - School Vouchers

    -Student Parking Permits  


    3rd Floor Offices

    9th and 10th Grade


    Office Personnel:

    9A and 9B

    Assistant Principal:  Jonathan Alaniz

    Academic Dean: Rebecca Ryan

    9C and 9D

    Assistant Principal: Keri King

    Academic Dean: Dottie Lawrence

     10A and 10B

    Assistant Principal: Raymond Cain

    Academic Dean: Jenalle Kamla

    10C and 10D

    Assistant Principal: Mary Ellen Fernandez

    Academic Dean: Joyce Ballard

    3rd Floor Clerks

    Sheila Lewis

    Mara Guzman

    3rd Floor Parent Engagement Representative

    Gregory White

    Ms. Chavez

    4th Floor Offices

    11th and 12th Grade


    Office Personnel:

    11A and 11B

    Assistant Principal: Donna Mann

    Academic Dean: Patrick Jefferson

    11C and 11D

    Assistant Principal: Kevin Thompson

    Academic Dean:  Reesa Turner 

    12A and 12B

    Assistant Principal: Monica Pizana

    Academic Dean: Teeanna Kelly 

    12C and 12D

    Assistant Principal:  Grace Mosby

    Academic Dean: Francis Brooks

    3rd Floor Clerks

    Melissa McCourt

    Liza Allred

    3rd Floor Parent Engagement Representative

    Tamina O’Banner

     Ruby Rapalo

    Athletic Office


    Office Personnel:

    Clerk: Karen Vessels


    Primary Roles:

    -Athletic Forms

    -Insurance Information

    -Physical Information


    Technology Office


    Office Personnel:

    Educational Technologies: Rachel Rutledge

    Campus Tech Support: David Merlan  

    Campus Tech Support: Brandon Walton 


    Primary Roles:

    -PowerUP Headquarters

    -Student Computer Support

    College Corner

    Located on 2nd Floor Landing


    Office Personnel:

     College Corner: Brigid Gould

    Primary Roles:

    - Post-High School Planning for College or Careers


    School Store

    Located on 2nd Floor Landing


    Office Personnel:

    Billie Wesley 

    Primary Roles:


    -Required Reading Books


    -School Spirt

    Special Education Office

    North Building 2nd Floor


    Office Personnel: Jenna Ford

    Head of Special Education:

    Dept Chair: Charrick Barbes
                        Rosalind Mayshack

    Primary Roles:

    -Helping students with Special needs


    Nurse Office

    North Building 2nd Floor


    Office Personnel:

     Nurse: Brittaney Davidson

     Clerk : Deborah Hudnell

    Primary Roles:

    -Health Services for Students

    -Immunization Records

    -Dispensing of Prescription Medication

Last Modified on July 7, 2022