• Lamar Cheer
    Cheerleaders provide school spirit at school-sponsored sports events.

    Contact Ms. Ann Southwell for more information or questions.

    Requirements and Procedures:

    Lamar cheerleaders are required to try out each year. New cheerleaders will be chosen in the spring. Students of the ninth, tenth and eleventh grades who are in good academic standing may try out for cheer if they meet the following qualifications:
    1. Cheerleaders should promote school spirit.
    2. The student must have parental approval and be willing to accept all responsibilities as stated in the cheerleading constitution and by-laws.
    3. Student must be passing all classes and be in good standing with the school (failing grades and/or suspensions received during the current school year will make students ineligible to tryout).
    4. Student must submit a complete application on time for the try-out (application, signed recognition form, a copy of the Cycle 4 report card, and notarized Parent’s Approval).
    5. One parent must attend the scheduled mandatory meeting in order for the student to be able to try out.
    6. Prospective cheerleaders must attend all clinic sessions prior to the try-out date and the actual tryout.

    Lamar cheerleaders should demonstrate good sportsman-like conduct among all students, teachers, and adults. Each cheerleader should strive to maintain high standards and excellence in cheerleading and academics. Cheerleaders should promote the need for unity among all aspects of the school.

    Lamar cheerleaders should make continuous efforts to remain in good standing with relationships between schools.

    Squad Divisions:
    Varsity Competitive - members made up of seniors, juniors, and sophomores
    Varsity –  members made up of juniors and seniors
    Junior Varsity –  members made up of sophomores only
    Freshman –  members made up of freshman only




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Last Modified on March 9, 2018