Lamar Success Center

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    Our Mission
    "Get kids back on Track"

    What is the Program?
    We assist students and their families with needs ranging from academic, to social and behavioral issues, to drug counseling and much more. We engage experts in the community to match the particular demands of the situation.
    Who is eligible
    Any student at Lamar and their family
    How you can get help
    Students may be referred to the Lamar Student Success Center (LSC) by parents, advisors, teachers and/or administrators. With special permission, students may also request placement in the LSC. When approval is granted, teachers are given a 24-hour notice to collect and send course work to the LSC prior to the student’s arrival. All accommodations and modifications are met through the Department of Special Needs. Denials are communicated directly to the person who made the referral.
    Who to Contact
    Ms. Tello   
    More Details The Lamar Success Center is a very small, structured learning environment, facilitated by a certified teacher, which provides one-on-one support. Academic needs can be met via peer tutoring, college tutors and on-going individualized teacher instruction. Teachers and staff from the Lamar Department of Special Needs work daily with our students to meet their academic needs. The LSC is equipped with appropriate and updated technology to assist students in recovering credits needed towards graduation. Social and behavioral issues are also addressed through immediate counseling by our LSC administrator, who is a certified counselor. Additional support comes through Communities in School, and referrals to outside providers, when necessary. We also provide evening group sessions for parents, as well as, students. These sessions address issues such as, drug counseling, as well as, emotional and educational support. Attendance issues are addressed by the intentional elimination of transition for most students. Students are permitted to attend some classes based on the individualized performance plan of the course, or the ability to replicate a particular lesson in the setting of the LSC. Attendance is monitored daily and appropriate staff is notified to provide interventions when necessary.  
Last Modified on April 9, 2020