Boys Cross Country

  • The Mission Statement

    The mission of the Lamar High School Boys Track Program is to develop responsible and productive citizens through participation, sportsmanship, teamwork, performance and competition.

    Team Philosophy

    Track is a team sport at Lamar. Track is not an individual sport—at least not here. A team is supportive of its individuals. Pursuit of individual goals and aspirations within our ‘team-first framework’ will help make Lamar Track special.

    Our track program has something to offer everyone. Participation in sports teaches many important lessons in life, perhaps most importantly the fact that hard work and tenacity are rewarded with improvement. Perseverance, dealing with difficult situations in a positive manner, teamwork, handling success with humility, developing and maintaining a healthy body/lifestyle, a sense of belonging, and discipline are what we teach our athletes.

    Coaches will strive to treat every athlete in a fair manner. We realize each athlete is an individual and comes from a different set of circumstances, but the coaching staff will endeavor to treat each fairly. If there is anything we reasonably can do to help your child, please let us know.

    Team Bio

    The Lamar High School track program is among the most competitive in the Houston area. For the past five years the varsity boys track team has been crowned district champions and our freshman and JV teams have consistently won the district champion trophy year after year..