• The Lamar Dance Department’s yearly goal is to embrace the art of dance within each student through both the discipline of dance technique and the interchangeable skills of creative interaction with others.


    Lamar Dance Department offers Dance 1-4, Advance Modern, Advance Hip Hop, an IB diploma dance course, and the department's dance company. 


    Dance 1-4: Ms. Garcia & Ms. J


    Our Dance 1-4 classes are not by skill level, but by years within the department. Students are moved up to the next number only if they've passed the class the previous year. The Lamar dance department is proud to collaborate with the dance culture in Houston, and dance artists nationally and internationally. Students have the opportunity to gain experience with ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, and dance composition.


    Advance Classes: Ms. J


    Advanced-level classes are where our more serious dancers are placed. This is the reason each dancer must audition. No dancer is allowed to add an advanced class to their schedule. The teacher will send the approved list to the grade-level dean. 


    Advanced Modern: consists of upper-level ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, lyrical, tapdance composition, Winter Concert, and Spring Concert


    Advance Hip-Hop: consists of upper-level hip-hop, dance composition, Winter Concert, and Spring Concert


    Advanced classes are best for serious dancers who cannot commit to a team schedule, play other sports, or cannot afford the financial requirements. The skill level expectations are high.


    IB Dance Class: Ms. Garcia


    The IB-Diploma Program dance curriculum aims to embrace a variety of dance traditions, dance cultures, and styles. Performance, creative and analytical skills are mutually developed and valued while the students are writing papers or creating/performing dance works from themselves or peers, and interdisciplinary task to properly prepare each dancer to take on any path within the art of dance. The curriculum provides students with a liberal arts orientation to dance. This orientation facilitates the development of students who may become choreographers, collegiate artists, commercial performers, recreational company members, or those, more broadly, who seek general life enrichment through the art of dance.


    Company: Ms. J


    LDT stands for Lamar Dance Theatre! Lamar Dance Theatre is the department’s award-winning versatile company, consisting of a small group of serious and dedicated dancers of the LHS student body. These dancers audition, train, perform, and compete in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip-hop, contemporary, and lyrical, to prepare them for any future routes in the art of dance.


    Remember, we are small for a reason! Dance Company is a UNIQUE athletic activity, which combines physical endurance, and strength while entertaining at our yearly performance opportunities, and competitions. This athletic sport requires an investment of time and dedication not only from the dancer but also from the parent/guardian. Athletes will receive many valuable experiences from being a company member including conditioning, discipline, training in various styles, and teamwork. Dancers will also learn the importance of sportsmanship, coordination, stamina, building a positive self-image, and confidence!


    The Lamar LDT Dance Company exists to represent the dance department at any and all HISD events and accomplish the program’s competitive goals. This can make every member’s daily agenda very busy. Dancers in the company must coordinate commitments for required summer dance camps, weekly practices all year, fundraisers, 8-10 pep rallies, 2 workshops, 2 dance conventions, and 3 competitions. Because of their yearly load, the dancers are not allowed to be part of any other campus sports/teams due to schedule conflicts. Our seasons begin immediately after school lets out, for officers, and in July for the full company.


    Department Necessities


    Dance 1 - Dance 4:

    Ø Solid black top (preferably fitted | no crop tops)

    Ø Solid Black leggings or Joggers (no shorts)

    Ø Barefoot, socks, or proper dance shoes

    Ø Department Required T-Shirt every Th/F(new shirt every year)

    Ø Supplies: Dance-only composition notebook Ms. Garcia

    Ø Supplies: Dance-only spiral tablet Ms. J


    Advance Modern Dance: 

    Ø Black leotard (any style)

    Ø Black dance tights (not leggings)

    Ø Pink/nude ballet shoes, black jazz shoes, black tap shoes, half soles

    Ø Supplies: Dance-only spiral tablet

    Ø Department Required T-Shirt every Th/F (new every year)


    Advance Hip-Hop Dance: 

    Ø Solid black top

    Ø Solid Black leggings or Joggers

    Ø Tennis shoes (Never Crocs)

    Ø Department Required T-Shirt every Th/F (new every year)


    Ø Black leotard (any style)
    Ø Black dance tights (not leggings)

    Ø School-issued Chromebook

    Ø IB dedicated composition notebook

    Ø Department Required T-Shirt every Th/F (new every year)



    Stay up to date with all the many things year-round with our socials!

    Department: @lhsdancedepartment | Dept. Dance Company: @lamardancetheatre


Last Modified on October 6, 2023