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     Lamar High School is an International Baccalaureate school whose goal is to provide the best opportunity for a diverse group of students to receive a rigorous, internationally accredited education, with a broad range of extracurricular activities, in a safe and nurturing environment. The goal of the IB is for students to be challenged academically, while also finding creative and physical fitness outlets, getting involved in the community around them, and developing a global view that takes the student beyond their immediate environment.

    For today’s Principal’s Corner I want to make you aware of two documents that you may find helpful in making a decision regarding in-person or virtual learning for the next 6-weeks, the Districts’ Communicable Disease Plan and Re-Opening Guide.  Both are attached Reopening-Parent-Guide-ENG-09242020.pdf  and CDP-Fact-Sheet-ENG-09242020.pdf  for those who are interested in reviewing.  For anyone who missed it, the specific Lamar plan was published in last week’s newsletter and then an email was sent Sunday with questions I received from parents with answers.  Today we have a few more questions and answers to help you.  A big thanks to parents who have submitted questions.



    1. Will the students who opt for face-to-face instruction (in person) only go for a few days each week? This was not clear to me (something about being assigned to Groups 1 and 2?)  How does this work?
    2. This will depend on the percentage of students who wish to return to face-to-face instruction.  If less than 30% of families select face-to-face, we will be able to meet the distancing recommendations for face-to-face classes as one group every day.  If, however, more than 30% select face-to-face, it may be difficult to meet those recommendations for physical distancing and we may need to divide the face-to-face students into two groups and rotate those students between face-to-face and remote instruction.  Next week we should have enough information to finalize that plan. 


    1. If a student who elects face-to-face instruction wakes up one morning and has a low-grade fever or mild cough, and obviously would NOT go in-person that day, but feels well enough to do the work and doesn't want to fall behind, can they log into the online classes for that day?
    2. Yes. We can make those accommodations and will provide a procedure for notifying the teacher for attendance purposes.


    1. My student really likes her teachers. If she chooses in-person classes, I'm thinking she will have the same teachers, right?  So, will these teachers be teaching in-person while also conducting online courses at the same time? In other words, will the students in the classroom also see who is online, so theoretically there can be class discussion/participation among all the students?
    2. Yes, students will have the same teachers. We will continue to treat students who have chosen in-person and remote students as if they are one class.  We will continue to follow the 90-minute instructional cycle so that guided practice can include collaboration between students on campus and those at home. 


    1. What is the max number of students allowed per classroom at Lamar?
    2. The answer to this question will depend on a number of factors.  For instance, if we can keep in-person groups at 30% or less we would have about 10-12 students in each class on campus.  However, if the numbers are greater than 70% wishing to return face-to-face, our numbers would be closer to 16 for each of the two rotating face-to-face groups and that might compromise our ability to maintain 6-feet of physical distancing in some classrooms.  We will finalize these plans once we have more information.


    1. Will there be sufficient air ventilation for classrooms?
    2. A.  I believe so.  The new Academic Building has a new system that seems to keep the areas well ventilated.  The existing building has been updated and seems to also have adequate ventilation, but we also have windows that open in the existing building.


    1. I asked the PE teacher yesterday and he said the locker rooms are off-limits, so the kids don't need to purchase a PE uniform for now (my kid is a freshman this year)?
    2. That is the correct information for now.  We will let you know if that changes.


    1. What is the plan for notifying kids in classes if a teacher or student in a specific class tests positive for COVID?  In other words, the contact-tracing plan?
    2. School nurses have been trained in contact-tracing and have a plan in place for notifying individuals who may have had contact with a student or adult who has tested positive.  Our school safety team also has a system for identifying students who may have a class in the same location, even if the contact tracing does not identify the names of all students. 


    1. If I opt to keep my son virtual, will he have the same teachers and schedule that he currently does?


    1. Yes.



    1. I know that contact with kids will not be allowed, but I am envisioning sitting in one spot for 9 hours a day (I know that is dramatic, but it is what I have in my head).  Are they going to be able to go to their electives while on campus?


    1. Students will not be in the same place all day.  They will initially move between their 4-5 core teachers and will then begin moving to electives during the second week as we teach expectations for moving through the building.



    1. If we choose in person and get to school and realize we were having more success at home, can we opt to just stay home before the end of the 6 weeks. I realize the opposite is not doable (choosing virtual and then wanting to come on campus) because of space and building logistics. However, a change to staying home and doing virtual seems easier to manage. 


    1. We expect it would be an option to change your mind from in-person to virtual and will provide more details soon.  It will not be possible to change from virtual to in-person within the grading cycle.

    Highlighted Events

    • Sept. 25th- HISD Latino College Expo (Online) 3 - 6 pm
    • Sept. 26th- Student Virtual Audition for Thespian (Online) 9 am - 1 pm
    • Sept. 26th-Senior Painting Parking Spots (LHS garage/level 4) 8 am - 12 noon
    • Sept. 29th- Student Virtual Audition for Thespian (Online) 4:15 - 6:15 pm
    • Sept. 29th- College Corner Workshop (Online) 4 - 5 pm
    • Sept. 29th- National Honor Society Parent Meeting (Online) 6 pm
    • Sept. 30th- Virtual Student Club Fair (Online) 11:45 am - 12:15 pm
    • Sept. 30th-Student Virtual Audition for Thespian (Online) 4:15 - 6:15 pm

School News

  • Weekly Newsletter for the Week of September 28, 2020

    Weekly Newsletter for the Week of September 28, 2020

    Every Thursday Lamar sends out a newsletter via school messenger to keep parents and students in the loop on what is happening on campus. Make sure you check here each Thursday to see what exciting things happened on campus.

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  • Get Involved

    Get Involved

    At Lamar, we believe that all students can find a club, sports, or Fine Arts to get involved in. We are host our annual "Get Involved Fair" virtually this year. Students are encouraged to look at all the activities Lamar has to offer and fill out the form to get more information on how to get involved.

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  • Virtual College Fair

    Virtual College Fair

    Join us for the Virtual Collge Fair on Wednesday, October 14 at 6 PM. There will be representatives from around the State and Nation. If you have questions please reach out to Ms. Trendell.

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  • 2020 Football Schedule

    2020 Football Schedule

    This year's season might look a little different but we are ready for the Texans to defend their district title.

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  • Virtual Meet the Teacher

    Virtual Meet the Teacher

    Did you miss Lamar's Virtual Meet the Teacher? Check out the video link from the live event, PowerPoint that was presented, and also the Meet your Neighborhood videos.

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