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Fine Arts Overview

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    In keeping with the mission of Lamar High School, an IB World school, the arts are a form of human expression through activity.  They contribute to a school curriculum by offering a distinctive way of learning where seeing, feeling, hearing, thinking, and creating are combined in a powerful form of visual, aural, and tactile effective communication.

    Through the arts, students working both cooperatively and individually have opportunities to research, identify, and discuss issues; to provide insights, opinions, solutions, and resolutions; and to reflect on, appreciate, and evaluate art. 

    The arts are a powerful medium for the exploration of the human condition, our society, and the world.  In this respect, they are a powerful educational tool for the exploration of self and others.

    As an IB World School, Lamar High School views the arts as a form of human expression, a means to further explore the universal human condition, and a powerful form of visual, aural, and tactile effective communication.  Through the arts, students learn to be the imaginative, creative, independent, open-minded critical thinkers needed in order to better run the world tomorrow.