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    Career and Technical Education Programs


    CTE programs allow students the opportunity to begin exploring their potential careers in high school.  These courses are designed to teach problem-solving skills, teamwork, and communication, and allow students to apply knowledge from their core courses to real-world problems.  Students begin career exploration in 9th grade and follow a sequenced pathway through 12th grade.  This exploration allows students to discover their best skills and what they love.  They have the chance from an early age to combine their skills and passions which will help them decide on a career path in their post-secondary work or when they join the workforce.   A student in the Hospitality and Tourism program might not end up in this career path but they will learn that they are organized, attentive to details, can problem solve quickly, and remain calm under pressure.  This knowledge will only help students as they leave Lamar and enter the next phase of life.  CTE courses play a vital role in the overall education and experience of our students at Lamar.  CTE, fine arts, and athletics are where our students apply the knowledge gained from their core curriculum to the real world.  All students benefit from CTE coursework and at Lamar, all students choose a pathway as part of their 9th grade course selection. CTE pathways lead to Endorsements, required for Students to graduate with the Distinguished Level of Achievement in Texas.  Students can also gain industry certification in CTE pathways which they can take with them when they begin their post-secondary work.  Students with industry certifications will find it easier to gain employment and internships during college or to immediately enter the workforce.  The following pages offer more information about each of the Career Clusters and the individual pathways offered at Lamar.