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    In Art 1, students learn about the language of art - the elements of design, the principles of design, and the design process. Students will learn to draw, to manipulate various 2-D media, color theory and the process of art criticism.  This class is the foundation for every other visual art course at Lamar.

    In PDP Art 2 Painting, students explore and gain proficiency in varied wet painting media such as watercolor, tempera, gouache, experimental and mixed media. Students document their progress in an investigational workbook, challenging themselves as they develop and execute original artworks.


    IBDP Visual Arts/SL is the first course required for the IBDP HL credit. Students conduct personal investigation into chosen topics, and continue media exploration. Students create personal, meaningful artworks, and document his/her progress. Students will complete the IB exam at the end of this course in their Senior year.


    IBDP Visual Arts/HL is the final course required for the IBDP HL credit. Students continue personal investigation into chosen topics, and continue to explore media, concentrating on the ones of their choice. Students create personal, meaningful artworks, documenting their progress. The IB exam takes place at the end of this course.


    Study of art history and art criticism take place within all visual art courses.



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