Water Polo - Boys & Girls

  • Water Polo is a commitment. You have to commit to the entire year. You do not have to be on the water polo team to be on the swim team, but you must be on the swim team in order to play water polo.
    Water Polo Welcome Picture
    Mission: To create a team spirit in what is essentially an individual sport. The water polo team helps the swim team feel more connected. The swimming on the swim team is conditioning for the water polo competitions.

    Objective: Water polo season is March through May. There are varsity and junior varsity sections of water polo. Students sometimes receive college scholarships for their water polo skills. Develop a physical fitness and team spirit through play in water polo, which helps further develop strength in swimming in general.

    Students must be passing in order to play. It is an athletic aspect of Lamar and students are given PE credit for participating.

    Schedule is morning and afternoon practices during the season.

    In 2011 and 2012, Lamar water polo achieved amazing results. Girls came in fourth in the state and boys came in fifth in the state. Both boys and girls placed 2nd in regionals. Four players were named to the all-region, all-state, and all-American teams. Both the Lamar girls and boys teams have made it to state for the past 5 years, and we hope to accomplish the same thing every year!

    Coach Mac has 37 years experience.