• Club Objectives:

    We hope to inspire and engage Lamar’s students to make better decisions for the environment in a fun manner.

    Club Motto:

    Take care of the Earth so it will take care of you! 

    Who Can Join?

    The requirement to become a Eco Green Club member is to show up to meetings.

    What Will We Do?

    There will be a new topic for each meeting of the club, for example, sustainable clothing or eco-friendly makeup. We will also try and create opportunities for the members to do after-school activities. These activities will mostly include volunteering work or fundraising work. We have a plethora of creative ideas to help our members have fun and learn. 

    Meeting Time and Location:

    Twice a month, Mondays or Thursdays, the second half of lunch in the 10A Meeting Room

  • Club Sponsor:

    Ms. Harbaugh


    Nola Chang

    Vice President:

    Dolores Cypher, Lily Laufman


    Chelsea Cabrera


    Magda Rajszewski


    Sofía Galvan


    Olivia Butler

    For More Information:

    Nola Chang