Future Lamar Texans,

    Welcome to your guide to our school!  This guide was designed to give our students and parents one place to find the information they need the most.  We hope this answers the question “How does ____ work?”.  We can’t promise that this will answer every question, but we hope this helps you to feel a little more at ease when it comes to deciding on Lamar.  We have A LOT of options at Lamar and this can be confusing at times.  In this guide you will find information about admissions, enrollment, graduation requirements, IB programs, GPA, class rank, CTE programs, endorsements, course descriptions and much more!  Of course, staff at Lamar are always available for questions too.  Casey Titus (ctitus@houstonisd.org) is our Admissions Coordinator and she can answer (or find the answer to) all of your questions.  If you are interested in a specific program feel free to contact the coach or sponsor directly. 


    We hope to see you next year!





Last Modified on January 9, 2023