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    The IB Career-related Program was specifically developed for students who wish to engage in career-related learning while gaining transferable and lifelong skills in applied knowledge, critical thinking, communication, and cross-cultural engagement.

    The Career Program provides students the flexibility to pursue a variety of interests during their junior and senior year, while experiencing the rigor and benefits of an IB education. CP students undertake a minimum of two IB Diploma Program (DP) courses, a core consisting of four components, and career-related study.


    IB DP courses provide the theoretical underpinning and academic rigor of the program. CP students take a minimum of two IB DP courses.

    Career-related study courses further support the program’s academic strength and provide practical, real-world approaches to learning; as well as fulfilling state of Texas course pathway requirements. Students choose from among the 12 pathways Lamar currently offers.

    The CP core requirement helps them to develop skills and competencies required for lifelong learning. This is covered in one course taken over two years beginning spring of junior year and ending fall of senior year.

    Career Program certification is granted upon successful completion of these requirements. IB Diploma Program courses incorporate both internal and external assessment. In these courses, students take written examinations which are assessed by external IB examiners.

    The CP enables students to:


    • follow their chosen education and career-related pathway

    • combine academic subjects with their personal and professional interests and skills

    • engage in learning that makes a positive difference to their community

    • think critically and creatively

    • communicate clearly and effectively in a variety of situations

    • work independently and in collaboration with others

    • consider new perspectives and other points of view

    • develop greater self-confidence and self-awareness

    • demonstrate high levels of resilience and flexibility

    • be internationally-minded and globally aware

    • apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios and situations.


    The program leads to further/higher education, internships or employment.


    Sample IB Career-related Programme Pathway

      9th 10th 11th 12th
    English Pre DP English 1 Pre DP English 2 HL English Year 1 HL English Year 2
    Second Language Pre DP Spanish 2 Pre DP Spanish 3 Additional Elective/Athletics Additional Elective/Athletics
    Social Studies Geography World History US History Govt/Economics
    Science Pre DP Biology Pre DP Chemistry Physics Anatomy & Physiology 
    Math Pre DP Algebra II Pre DP Geometry SL Math Year 1 SL Math Year 2
    CTE  Principles of Hospitality & Tourism Introduction to Culinary Arts Culinary Arts 2 Practicum
    Elective/PPS Fine Art Fine Art/Elective Public Speaking/ PPS PPS /Off campus
    Elective PE/Athletics Additional Elective/Athletics Additional Elective/Athletics Practicum



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