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    Course Selection and Student Led Conferences


    Each year, Academic Deans schedule a time to meet with a student, a parent and a teacher to facilitate a Student Led Conference (SLC). During the conference the student will share a digital portfolio, discuss strengths and weaknesses as a learner and select courses for the next school year. Before Academic Deans conduct the meeting, they put together a 3 page document package for each student. The document package includes the student’s current transcript, schedule, and a Course Request Worksheet (CRW). The Academic Dean then reviews the document package for each student, checking to make sure that the student is on track to graduate on time, according to path and plan. While reviewing path and plan, the Academic Dean completes the CRW filling in any required courses and leaving blank - or noting options for - any elective courses. Once in the conference, the Academic Dean shares the document package with the student, explains what to expect the next year, and goes over the CRW line by line. The Academic Dean will go over the student’s path, plan, required courses, and elective course options. Academic Deans answer questions and explore options with the student and parent. Once the courses have been selected and all parties agree, signatures are obtained, and a copy is made. The Academic Dean retains a copy for input and the student/ parent receives a copy.



Last Modified on August 20, 2020