• 2023-2024 Rising 9th Grade Course Selection


    Welcome Future Texans!

    We are so excited that you have chosen Lamar and we can't wait to welcome you to the Lamar family next August.  Now that you have made the decision to attend Lamar, your next step is to choose your 9th grade courses!  We have tried to provide as much information as possible so that you feel confident about the choices you are making.  Read through the information below and watch the instructional video.  If you are waiting for acceptance notification from another school, please do not complete the Lamar course selection yet.  If you would like to attend a virtual course selection meeting with our Academic Deans you can register here: Rising 9th Grade Course Selection Meeting


    Step 1: Report Card

    Find your Cycle 3 (or most recent) 8th grade report card and have it available in a PDF format.  Your report card will help you determine which Math, Science, and Foreign Language courses to select.  You will also need to upload your report card for an Academic Dean to review.  PLEASE NOTE:  Lamar does NOT have access to student records if the student is not enrolled on the Lamar campus.  If you are enrolled in an HISD school you will need to upload the report card!


    Step 2: Review Helpful Information

    The links below will provide information about our IB Programs, CTE Programs, and the levels of rigor we offer in our core courses.  


    IB Programs and CTE Pathways


    Career Cluster Survey


    Course Sequences


    You can view the course selection presentation here:



  • Step 3: Course Descriptions

    Download or open our course descriptions to use as a reference when making your selections.

    Lamar Course Descriptions


    Step 4: Watch the Video Instructions

    Watch the video below which will guide you through the course selection form. 



    Step 5: Complete the Course Selection Form

    Open the course selection form and make your choices!

    Rising 9th Grade Course Selection Form


    CS Photo



    Step 6: Upload/Email Your Report Card

    Once you complete the form you will be asked to upload your most recent 8th grade report card.  We cannot complete your course selection request without your report card and we do not have access to student records who are not currently enrolled on our campus.  If you choose to upload the form you will be asked to sign into Google.  If you do not have a Google account or if you cannot log in you should email the report card to chanell.pruitt@houstonisd.org  The email should include the student's name, date of birth, and HISD ID number if applicable.  


    Step 7: Select "Send me a copy of my responses"

    This will serve as confirmation of your selections.


    If your child is designated 504 or Special Education and you have questions, you can contact our coordinators.

    Section 504: Dayle Hickman dhickma2@houstonisd.org

    Special Education: Gina Ford gina.ford@houstonisd.org


Last Modified on February 1, 2023