• Accepted Students


    If your child has been approved for a transfer to Lamar, you should read the information below and sign the entrance agreement online before the deadline.

    If your child is on the waiting list, you can keep up with their status by visiting https://choosehisd.my.site.com/Apply/SiteLanding  

    If your child has been accepted, you must confirm your seat and sign the entrance agreement online.  To secure your seat at Lamar High School for the 2022-2023 school year, you must log into the HISD application tool (https://choosehisd.my.site.com/Apply/SiteLanding) to sign the digital entrance agreement and upload proof of residency.

    If your child is not currently enrolled in an HISD school, then you will need to complete the enrollment packet on our campus.  Enrollment information can be found here: https://www.houstonisd.org/Page/188307


    Acceptable proof of residency is a recent (last 3 months) utility bill (electric, gas, or water) or lease agreement.  Cable, internet, and cell phone bills are not acceptable.  


    More information about our programs and pathways can be found here: Lamar Programs and Pathways


    Course Selection information and registration information (for students not currently enrolled in HISD) will be available after the seat is confirmed.  


    In the HISD Entrance Agreement that you will sign online, you will agree to expectations outlined by the individual school.  The Lamar expectations are outlined below:


    You verify that your child’s application and acceptance is exclusive to Lamar High School.  You understand that acceptance to any other HISD school program will result in the cancellation of your approved transfer to Lamar High School.  You understand that if your child leaves Lamar for any reason, the transfer will be retracted, and your child may not re-enroll. It is your child’s personal responsibility to adhere to all the rules and requirements of this program. You commit to good attendance, cooperation, respect for others and the school.


    The requirements to enter M. B. Lamar High School are demanding and each participant must show a willingness to be consistent in their participation. Please read the following guidelines carefully.  Transfers are a one-year requirement.  Students may not change their transfer type during a school year.  If a student wishes to change their transfer, they must apply for a new transfer during the HISD approved window.  Students who do not comply with expectations outlined on the next page will be placed on a Growth Plan and risk non-renewal of the transfer.


    Students and Parents/Guardians understand that the student:

    • must take all required, program- specific/career related courses each year at Lamar. All transfer students will commit to a four-year CTE sequence and understand that changes to the sequence may not be possible. Students entering in the 10th grade understand that two of the courses may be required in 10th grade and these courses will take precedence in scheduling over other electives.
    • will complete the requirements of the Middle Years Program in grades 9 and 10, including the Personal Project in grade 10.
    • will take at least two advanced courses in grades 9 and 10. Students on an IB transfer must take at least four advanced courses in grades 9 and 10.
    • will complete all requirements of the IB Diploma Program (test in six courses, take TOK, complete CAS and the Extended Essay etc.) or IB Career-related Program (test in at least two courses, take PPS, complete the reflection project etc.) in grades 11 and 12. IB transfer students may choose between the IB Diploma Program or the IB Career-related Program but must adhere to the district requirement of 4 IB courses each year.
    • will take advantage school tutorials provided before and after school, teacher assistance and counseling when having academic problems.
    • will exhibit good behavior as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Students will maintain an “E” or an “S” in conduct.
    • will maintain a good attendance record.


    The parents/guardians of the student

    • will be diligent in monitoring the progress of the student in all classes. Information is available online and via progress reports and report cards.
    • will contact the teacher(s) as soon as possible if there is a question or concern regarding the student’s progress.
    • will contact the student’s Assistant Principal and/or Academic Dean with any concerns that cannot be addressed by the teacher.
    • will maintain accurate records with the school in the areas of attendance, address changes, and current phone numbers.
    • understands that a change of address may result in a void of the transfer.
    • understands that there are testing fees associated with the IB requirements.
    • understands that the IB Diploma curriculum cannot be modified per International Baccalaureate policy and any student who is designated as Special Education or 504 will agree to an ARD before class placement or assignment.



    Your child has been accepted as an HISD resident.  If you move out of district, your child will then fall under the out of district eligibility criteria, and your child’s participation in the program will have to be reconsidered based on space availability and approval from HISD.  Acceptance into Lamar High School is pending any 504 and/or ARD outcomes.  Please note our Special Education classes are very full for the 2021-2022 school year.  Signing an Entrance Agreement does not guarantee space in a self-contained program.


    Certain transfers are not eligible for HISD transportation, including: Boundary Option, Space Available, and Hardship.

Last Modified on April 3, 2023