• Mission: It is our mission to be the Ambassadors of Lamar High School with a spirit of Excellent Warriors

    Purpose: The Warriors Constitution states that the Purpose of the Warriors is to:

    Motivate student body school spirit
    Flag bearers of Lamar Colors and Names
    Prepare, Protect and maintain the inflatable tunnel and helmet and spirit flags for the football team
    Attend any other athletic activities and events assigned by the Principal

    Membership: The membership of the Warriors shall consist of eligible students from the Lamar Student Body consisting of a total of 16 sophomores, junior and seniors. The number may be adjusted at the sponsor’s discretion. This number can be lowered or raised depending on quality of applications. Freshmen may apply during the Spring semester.

    Qualifications for membership are as follows:

    GPA of 3.0 or better to apply for Warriors
    GPA of 2.8 each six weeks to maintain in Warriors
    Conduct grade of S or better in ach class during each reporting period

    This group includes: A Captain, Co-Captain, Sergeant-at-Arms, Historian and Secretary.



  • Faculty Contact

    Mr. Rabun 

    Mr. Garza 

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Last Modified on September 19, 2018